Tawasul: New On-Demand Communication Service for Graduate Students

The 'Tawasul' communication service streamlines contact with the Graduates Studies Deanship. It provides easy electronic contact for students on-demand and as required. As part of the Graduate Studies Deanship's continual efforts to keep the lines of communication open with students, faculty, and staff, the 'Tawasul' service was activated so that those interested can ask questions, provide suggestions and the like in a fast and convenient manner.


Communication can be initiated with the following departments:


  • Academic system;
  • Admission;
  • Registration and Academic Affairs;
  • Finance;
  • Secretariat of the University Council;
  • Documentation and Graduation;
  • Internal Placement;
  • Administrative Communications;
  • Coordination of Discussions (female students).


To use the service, please log into your academic profile page through: