University Assets Administration



After sustained efforts, effective teamwork, and the grace of Allah, the establishment of this page was made. We are primarily concerned with the (i) University's property management, (ii) creating a link between all agencies and entities to the workflow documents of the administration, (iii) data management, and (iv) serving as a method of direct contact with members of the administration.



Message from the Director


Since the issue of decision number 2/38/13700 dated 10/2/ 1439 AH by His Excellency King Khalid University Rector, Prof. Falleh R. M. Al-Solamy, which assigned me as the director for the University properties, I sincerely believe we are a critical administration in the University, due to our role in documenting and protecting the University's properties. Although we are in the conceptual project planning and configuration management processes, the support and guidance provided by Rector Al-Solamy and his vice rectors have helped encourage and support the administration to raise the level of excellence through clear quality assurance and control procedures.


Mohammad bin Ali Al Qarni


Administration Management Structure


1- Director

2- Assistant Director

3- Secretary

4- Land Unit

5- Insurance Unit

6- Documenting and Confidential Archiving

7- Communications and Photocopying Unit


Administration Mission and Goals 


- Documenting general and detailed data regarding the development and progress of land unit properties.

- Creating a university property reference.

- Transferring data to an electronic system.

- Setting and suggesting methods to keep and protect properties.

- Coordinating with related entities (Asir Municipality - Ministry of Justice - Notary Public - State Properties - Ministry of Education - Provincial Governorates - Municipalities) to locate and choose appropriate prime real estate.

- Supervising and following land issues while preventing land infringement. 


Powers of Administration


- Finalizing all property related procedures, archiving legal documents and papers, connecting with relevant entities, responding and preparing official letters within the lines of official work.

- Studying and proposing a solution to optimize investments with the highest return on investment (ROI).

- Documenting and updating data on a continual basis.

- Coordinating with the State Property administration to issue land licenses and legal registrations.

- Documenting property license (land & building) and following-up on all updates and processes.

- Recording original University properties on a computer system and classifying them according to quality and class.

- Preparing annual reports on properties.

- Participating in the University Property Survey Committee.

- Providing internal departments with the necessary information on the University properties that are under the operational authority of the administration.

- Providing consultative advice within the framework of official processes.