External Change Period for the Second Semester

External Change Period for the Second Semester 1438/39 AH

Application Period:

  • The application period starts on 25/04/1439 AH and lasts up to 01/05/1439 AH.


General Conditions for External Change: 

  1. The student must be a Saudi National or from a Saudi Mother.
  2. The student must finish the preparation year (if there is) and choose a specialization.
  3. All the requests will be treated according to the capacity of the specialization or department. Differentiation between students is according to their Grade Point Average (GPA).
  4. The student must have finished more than two semesters and no more than four semesters. 
  5. The graduation year from secondary school must not have exceeded five years.
  6. In the case of a transfer from a private college, the admissions grade rate in the secondary school or the private college conditions of admission must have been similar to our admissions conditions.


Application Procedures:

The student has to request the change by applying through https://registration.kku.edu.sa. Afterwards, the student must complete the electronic form carefully because he\she will be responsible for the accuracy of the data entered. The student must upload the required documents in (PDF) format and then save the request. 


Required Documents:

• A copy of the National Identity Card.
• A copy of the Secondary School Certificate.
• One original copy and two certified copies of the student’s latest academic record.
• A certified change form from the Deanship of Registrations and Admissions in the university that the student is currently enrolled in.
To conclude, the student should follow-up on the status of the request on the website of the King Khalid University Deanship of Admissions and Registration to review the approval of the request. Please note, all contact with applicants will be via text messages. 


In the Case of Approval:

Only the regular study period will be counted for the student.

The previous courses before the external change request will not be included in the current student’s GPA and will only be considered as pass/fail.