Schedules of Postgraduate Students

The Deanship of Graduate Studies has published the schedules of masters and doctorate programs on Thursday 23/12/1438 AH. Postgraduate students have been notified of that through SMS messages. 

The Deanship is declaring the importance of viewing the schedules and attending the lectures from the beginning of this new academic year. However, for special cases of students such as the re-admitted, the transferred, and those who had finished the courses and started doing their thesis, should contact the college registrars to register their schedules before Thursday 1/1/1438 AH. In case they do not register the schedules, they will be considered out of study. 

The Deanship has also confirmed the readiness of teachers and the distribution of schedules among them. At the same time, each college will hold introductory briefings for the newly admitted postgraduate students.