Interaction With the National Efforts Against COVID-19 in Prose and Verse

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A number of King Khalid University faculty members expressed their pride and praised their country's efforts against COVID-19. His Excellency the Rector, Prof. Falleh Al-Solamy, directed that all contributions shall be posted on the official Twitter account. College of Humanities Vice Dean of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, Prof. Awad bin Abdullah Al-Qarni, wrote a poem to praise the efforts of healthcare heroes, in which he says:


I deceive my hand to write

Knowing deep down its forced

I drag it knowing that

If I won’t it’ll disobey

It slides over rhythms heavily

Until I praise who’s worthy

Those who sacrificed,

Themselves. Praising their glory is a must

Rhymes to medical heroes stopped

Failing to describe their deeds

The sunsets eventually, but

Their glory will always raise


"We are proud to describe our country as a wise country that prioritizes wisely and makes wise choices as well. It deals with situations with confidence. The Novel Coronavirus invaded the whole world. However, our country faced it with awareness, precaution, and organizational decisions. It controlled the spread of the virus and reduced its effects on the community. It was among the first countries of the world which in the middle of the chaos, its King’s speech came to heal, came to calm, and was transparent. The speech was intimate, prioritizing human lives. As a result, people united in aid and support of the health and security institutions. The slogan of this period was 'We Are All Responsible', which represented the unity of the whole community," said Dean of the Community College in Khamis Mushait, Dr. Ahmed bin Ali Al-Mureea.


In the same context, Dr. Khidran Al-Suhaimi from the College of Education expressed his feelings with a poem in which he said:


You are the cause of our pride

Where beauty resembled roses

Like the fine mists of passion

We build with patriotism

And aspire higher than the stars

We salute the flag to raise higher

We shall write history

Here in our University

Where we are met with fragrances


"Our wise leadership continues to face this pandemic with a series of procedures, giving an example to the whole world. Where the health and safety of humanity come first. It established this high value of humanity through its practices," said assistant professor of literature and criticism at the College of Arts and Sciences in Dhahran Al-Janoub, Dr. Ibrahim Omar Al-Mahali.


Mr. Mohammad Shami, a lecturer in the Department of Media and Communication, and a MA scholarship student in the USA said: "All the precautionary measures implemented by the Kingdom, which were led by His Majesty the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and His Royal Highness the Crown Prince to manage this crisis were wise, professional, balanced and gradual. Either inside the country or to all Saudis abroad. That embodied an example to the whole world on respecting humanity, and proving that with actions not just empty promises.”


Dean of the Science, Arts and Community Colleges in Rijal Alma, Dr. Siham Musa Al-Haider, said: “The whole world is interacting and paying much attention to COVID-19 precautionary measures on how to stay safe. Our country had a clear and effective role when all of its medical and security entities organized and protected lives by applying all measures to control the spread of the virus."


Dean of the Science and Art College in Al-Majardah, Dr. Maha Muhammad Al-Thalibah Al-Shehri, expressed her admiration for the Kingdom's high professionalism in dealing with COVID-19. She pointed out that the Saudi government took measures that became a source of pride and a model for other countries to follow. "Our country proved that humanity is at the top of its priorities, it places human safety before considering economical and political aspects. It created measures to protect humanity and prevent any threats or fear," she concluded.


Dr. Abeer Fahd Al-Muhailib, supervisor of the history department at the College of Humanities, expressed her pride in how our country managed the COVID-19 crisis from the health and economic aspects, noting that strategies were quickly adopted to reduce human losses through the efforts of the Ministry of Health and its proactive measures to raise the level of health awareness and control the spread of the virus.

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