Medical City

King Khalid University - Media Center


The Director of the University Medicine Council recently visited University Medical City. The purpose of the visit was to tour the grounds and new facilities. Vice Rector of Construction Projects, Dr. Mohammad Adam, greeted the entourage. The Vice Rector and a team of project engineers and construction specialists showed the Medicine Council Director the new campus. The project team also briefed the Director on the progress towards completion of the new hospital, medical buildings and ancillary infrastructure.


King Khalid University's Medical City will provide state of the art medical services to the region's growing population. Also, the medical facilities are expected to generate a large number of new jobs, and lead to a significant increase in economic activity in and around the campus. It will be equipped with the latest technologies in the medical field, with one of the highest bed capacities of any university hospital in the Middle East. The project comports with Vision 2030, which stresses the importance of the health care sector and public health services.


Dean of the College of Medicine, Prof. Suliman Al-Humayed, and the members of the College Council expressed their gratitude for the Medical City project, and the great benefits which will result from its operations. 

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