Vice Presidency of Academic and Educational Affairs.


It is an agency that is concerned with providing a pioneer academic and educational environment in King Khalid University, at the level of similar pioneer agencies in other Saudi, and Arab universities.



Creating unique educational academic environment to contribute in building an educational community.



Develop and innovate (create) academic programs that are relevant to official developmental plans and provide the labor market commensurate to the quality of educational environment and community partnership.



  1. To provide unique academic programs according to the standards of developmental plan, total quality and labor market requirements.
  2. To create a supportive learning environment for creativity and excellence.
  3. To enhance the efficient performance of supportive colleges and deanships associated with Vice Presidency. 
  4. To build effective partnerships with community organizations.
  5. To approve students admission criteria in the University.
  6. To improve the study programs and plans in order to meet the national development requirements.
  7. To employ and use the specialized scientific potential power of the university employees in order to contribute in serving the community.
  8. To achieve excellent outcomes in the local and international matters.


General tasks

  • Supervise and follow up the criteria of students admission in the university.
  • Supervise and follow up the developments of colleges and departments in its overall organization.
  • Supervise, follow up and offer support to colleges and departments in order to improve their plans and study programs.
  • Supervise and prepare the special evidence for plans and the models of excellent performance.
  • Follow up and observe the updates of plans and study programs at the level of local and international universities.
  • Coordinate with the relevant agencies to organize workshops and training courses in the field of plans and study programs.
  • Supervise and follow up students' affairs and activities. Supervise and follow up developmental affairs of faculty.
  • Supervise and follow up the preparation for developmental help programs and training.