Vice Presidency

Brief Introduction

In 1419 A.H (1998 AD), the Vice-Presidency of the university was one of the Organizational Structures approved by King Khalid University and has been entrusted many duties, responsibilities and powers consistent with the basic requirements to establish the university. The Vice-Presidency has accomplished many achievements since its inception. The Vice-Presidency has made fruitful and constructive efforts, led by former Vice Presidents, 



To elevate the level of academic and administrative services at the University.


To elevate the efficiency and capacity of services provided through the Vice Presidency of the university by relying on top of the range academic & administrative E-information systems that facilitate and hasten work procedures.


  1. To elevate the efficiency of employees of the Vice Presidency through training courses and workshops.
  2. To rearrange the procedures of work carried out by staff.
  3. To provide all office procedures through E-Services.


Sincerity, faithfulness and transparency.