'KKU Squad' Earns Accreditation

University Obtains License from SAFEIS
Source : 
King Khalid University - Media Center


The Saudi Federation for Electronic and Intellectual Sports (SAFEIS) recently granted King Khalid University accreditation and a license to participate in the organization's competitions and other activities. The purpose of the electronics sports program is to encourage involvement in electronics and computer science in a fun and entertaining manner. The university's Electronic Games Club will coordinate events with the Federation.


CIO, Dr. Salem Alelyani, thanked SAFEIS for its patronage. He said, 'I appreciate that the Federation has entrusted the university to fulfill the underlying program purposes while our students have fun. We will channel our students' latent talents to promote technological innovation and teamwork in a safe and productive environment'.


Studies indicate that gaming can be useful. Cognitive abilities, communication skills and social skills may improve through electronic games. Of course, gaming can be detrimental if done in excess or in unhealthy environments. The university is committed to extracting the potential benefits of electronic games, while avoiding the pitfalls through judicious management and careful supervision.