University Rector Sponsors the Closing of the Electronic Games Production and Development Workshop

KKU Squad Inaugurated
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King Khalid University - Media Center


King Khalid University Rector, His Excellency Prof. Falleh Al-Solamy, recently sponsored the closing ceremony of the 'Electronic Games Production and Development' workshop. The General Directorate of Information Technology (IT) organized the event in conjunction with the Electronic Games Club. The Wadi Makkah Company sponsored the workshop by way of the regional 'Nmou' initiative.


Electronic games are of course a very popular source of entertainment in many segments of society. Some people say that video games are nothing more than a frivolous waste of time. These people might argue that a fine institution of higher learning like KKU has no business supporting video game development. Certainly, some of our citizens, mostly young people, spend too much of their time playing video games to the exclusion of more important endeavors. However, that does not mean that games are inherently bad.


The Electronic Games Club is a basis for scouting and recruiting nascent talent in the technology sector. Given the popularity and increasing importance of gaming in society, it is critical that we discover and leverage the dormant capabilities of today's youth. It is worth noting that such efforts are not limited to those intending on working in the field of electronic games. The skills and abilities utilized in game development will cross over to broader technology fields such as information management and hard sciences.


The university recently hosted an electronic game development competition. This was a great opportunity for the participants to exhibit their talents. The university recognized five outstanding student projects. The students presented their finished projects to the workshop audience including:


  • A driving school simulator;
  • A sign language learning game;
  • An English language learning game;
  • A coding game;
  • A programming project game;
  • A social interaction game.


After the presentations, His Excellency Rector Al-Solamy announced that King Khalid University has officially joined the Saudi Arabian Federation for Electronic & Intellectual Sports. This quasi-governmental body is a national organization dedicated to electronic arts and sports in the Kingdom. Part of its mission is to find and develop talent for gaming and the broader electronics industry. The Rector inaugurated the King Khalid University's gaming team as the 'KKU Squad'. In support of the KKU Squad, His Excellency announced the following related events/activities


  • The second annual electronic games competition;
  • The digital content industry;
  • The FIFA 19 league;
  • The Overwatch league.


Rector Al-Solamy: 'King Khalid University recognizes the potential benefits of electronic games in both the education and technology sectors. The university will continue to support our students in these worthwhile endeavors'.


His Excellency Rector Al-Solamy thanked the IT Administration and the Electronic Games Club for their efforts in organizing the workshop. 'King Khalid University recognizes the potential benefits of electronic games in both the education and technology sectors. The university will continue to support our students in these worthwhile endeavors' he said.


CIO, Dr. Salem Alelyani, thanked the Rector for his belief in and support for the electronic game initiatives. Dr. Alelyani also thanked the Wadi Makkah Company, the Deanship of Student Affairs, and the e-Learning Deanship for their participation.


Electronic Games Club Director Ahmed Albhaishi said that the club continues to make good progress. The club is planning to expand to additional branches of the university. The intention is to develop the talent needed for the KKU Squad to compete at the local and international levels. Each squad member is committed to innovation and excellence.