In conjunction with the Global Breast Cancer Awareness Initiative

The Conclusion of “Minutes Deserve Years” Campaign to Fight Against Cancer
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King Khalid University, Media Center

The University Study Center for Girls completed the Breast Cancer Week Campaign that was held under the patronage of the Dean of the Center and the College of Nursing, Dr. Ola Al-Haqan, in cooperation with the Zahra Society and in conjunction with the Global Breast Cancer Awareness Initiative.

Al-Haqan: The campaign aimed to raise awareness, support, and provide information about cancer disease

The campaign aimed to raise awareness, support, and provide information about this disease, and contribute to the development of national educational centers to maintain the health of women, and education of female university students and teachers in the area of breast cancer. The campaign also aims to introduce how to examine for breast cancer and spread a culture of awareness to the seriousness of this disease, and to conduct a clinical examination of those wishing to attend the campaign and their families.

The program included scientific lectures on breast cancer in the form of a play for female students, in addition to self-examination training and awareness pavilions attended by all health colleges in each specialty. The program also included a visual presentation about the importance of early detection through a short film and the definition of breast cancer through interviews with specialized doctors.

On the first and second days, the campaign was launched in the university center. It was launched in the third and fourth days in the secondary schools of Aseer, in addition to the Social Development Center in the evening of the third day. The campaign concluded in the Academic Complex for Girls on the fifth day. 

The campaign benefited more than 1700 women and girls, including university students, schoolgirls, and their attendants, who were present in the awareness of the Social Development Center. More than 75 cases were revealed, and about 20 cases were suspected and have been transferred to the German Hospital for mammograms.

Correspondingly, the Dean of the University Center for Female Students, Dr. Ola Al-Haqan, said that this campaign comes to raise awareness and education of this disease, which is one of the most common cancer diseases among women in the Arabian Gulf and all over the world. Al Haqan pointed to the increase in awareness and an increase in the demand of women to detect cases of breast cancer after attending awareness campaigns. Equally important is the discovery of other causes of the disease such as pollution of the environment, lifestyle, and obesity that require both men and women to maintain a balanced diet to ensure optimal body mass index.