Within the e-services provided by the University,

IT releases (mySITE) service
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King Khalid University, Media Center, IT Department.

mySITE service allows showing the user's site on the Web search engines such as Google

His Excellency, the Rector of King Khalid University (KKU), Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahman bin Hamad Al Dawood, has recently inaugurated a number of e-services, which have been released by the General Directorate of Information Technology (IT), in the presence of the members of the Standing Committee of e-transactions. Services that have been launched included mySITE service. The new service of mySITE enables all employees of the university to create their personal websites under the university domain. It also enables creating articles, blogs, photo albums, as well as adding research and projects. The service of mySITE is also linkable to the many other electronic services, such as Shamel system, research respiratory, and mykku application.

What mySITE could provide: 

 the service gives the user an advantage to create his / her personal website under the domain of the university in a formal and a credible way. 

 It allows showing the user's site on the Web search engines such as Google.

 making the user feel completely free in creating his / her page, and disseminating it, whether articles or blogs. 

 It became possible with the mySITE service to view photos and to organize them into albums. 

 Research and publications that a user has added on Shamel system or research respiratory could also be imported and displayed directly on his / her personal site through    opening "research and publications" window.

 The mySITE service has many other options such as the option of enabling the user to identify his / her friends' locations.

How to set up your personal website?

A user could establish his/her personal Website by conducting the following steps:

 Through the main page of the site, click on the "Create my website" icon. 

 Log on by entering your username and password.

 Check the website's establishment conditions.  In the case of approval, start creating your own website by adding your resume in text or in a PDF form. Add your personal information, photo, and all your interests, and contact information.

 Through the window of viewing articles, blogs, and public pages, you can add special articles, add text content, and select the preferred language.

 The user could choose photos he / she wants to display on the site. The photos appear in albums, with each album containing a number of photos through "Photo album" window.