Towards coping up with technical development in scientific research;

The University launches e-respiratory for research.
Source : 
King Khalid University, Media Center.

"Undoubtedly, e-respiratory will play a great role in enriching scientific content area", Dr. Alelyani clarified.

The King Khalid University (KKU), represented by the General Directorate of Information Technology (IT), in collaboration with Graduate Studies and Scientific Research Deanship has recently launched e-respiratory system for research. The new system enables the University stakeholders to share their research and scientific output via the University website, and via other global search engines as well, under the name of the school, the department, and the researcher. The Directorate of Information technology seeks, through this development,  to cope up with the technical evolution that is taking place in the University, by creating appropriate and effective solutions, and by cooperating with all concerned entities such as the colleges, the teaching staff, and the students of both graduate studies, and Bachelor degree. Users of the new system will find it easy to review and market previous researches, in addition to having the ability to upload their new graduation projects and researches.

The visitor can browse the research list, which is classified according to colleges, departments, and topics. 

For his part, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the University, Dr. Salem Alelyani, has emphasized that the e-respiratory system would affect positively the ranking of the University and its uniqueness in general. "Undoubtedly, it will play a great role in enriching scientific content area." Dr. Alelyani clarified. He added, "Making research available will definitely raise their value and that of the researcher and the University as well. The University will certainly benefit from researches, not only from within its ordinary range, but beyond, and this will be seen through quoting or referring to these researches, thus increasing the institution's international ranking" The CIO invited all University teaching staff,  and students - males and females - to upload their researches and graduation projects on the respiratory in order to spread the benefits contained in them. Dr. Alelyani further stated that the Directorate of Information Technology (IT) was going to hold a seminar for all those who are interested in research fields. The purpose of holding such seminar is to demonstrate how to use the new e-respiratory.

In details, the new system provides many features to the visitor:

  • Latest additions: the system enables the visitor to review the latest additions on the e-respiratory.
  • Search: this feature enables the visitor to make a search by many means such as searching by title, date, or by looking at the abstract of the research.   
  • Browsing: The visitor can browse the research list, which is classified according to colleges, departments, and topics.
  • Policies: It is easy for the visitor to have a look on the publication policies via the e-respiratory.
  • The e-respiratory enables KKU scholars to upload their researches by logging on, using a special account. The User can have a look on the user manual, which gives a detailed explanation of how to upload a research.