Locally, the first ... one of the best 700 Universities in the world.

King Khaled University achieved progress in world ranking; 35 rank up compared to the previous ranking.
Source : 
King Khalid University, Media Center

King Khalid University has recently received a letter from the world organization, QS, which deals with universities' world ranking. The letter stated that King Khalid University is ranked as one of the best 700 universities in the world, and on the top of ranking of Saudi universities, based on the ranking of the organization in the rate of performance development.

On the world level, the University moved 35 spaces upward to occupy the 604 rank - prior to this it had occupied the 639 rank. The Head of the Research Department of the Organization's Information Center, Mr. Ben sweeter emphasized that the university deserved more advanced rank, but rules of the organization did not allow the progress of rank of any university at rates that exceeded the rate at which the university obtained. Based on the report of the Research Department of the Organization, the letter also confirmed that the scientific reputation of the university has exceeded many of its counterparts from Saudi Universities. The organization has predicted that the university is on its way to be the first on the level of Arab universities.

On this important development, His Excellency King Khalid University President, Prof. Abdulrahman Hamad Al dawood confirmed that the progress was due to the orientation of the university and its leaders to develop and improve the ratio of faculty members when compared to the students'. He said, "King Khalid University strives to improve performance, quality, and if we keep on this track of performance, we are certainly expected to compete to be the first university among the Arab universities, besides achieving progress worldwide." His Excellency also explained that the university deserved much better position, based on the data and studies found compared to other universities. He said, "The work mechanism, and rules of QS Organization set progress indicators according to fixed rate that cannot be exceeded."