Freshmen Orientation: Dean Al-Melhi Helps Students Transition Into College Academic Life

King Khalid University - Media Center


Dean of the Faculty of Languages and Translation, Prof. Abdullah Al-Melhi, welcomed new students to the Department of English and hosted this semester's orientation meeting on Tuesday morning. Numerous faculty and staff members also attended.


Dean Al-Melhi shared the faculty's vision, mission, and goals with the newcomers. In addition, he reviewed many of the important departmental policies, procedures, and regulations. He also explained to the students how the departmental requirements are in accord with the overall requirements of the university.


The students watched a presentation explaining the English Club, Academic Guidance Unit, and the various student activities available during the semester. Some of the faculty members addressed the students directly in an open discussion that offered the students practical advice for beginning their academic careers.


Dean Al-Melhi encouraged the students to work hard and stay focused in order to succeed. He admonished the freshmen to maintain a positive attitude and a reasonable work-life balance. He reiterated that students at King Khalid University are highly privileged in attending one of the Kingdom's premier universities. Dean Al-Melhi noted that with this privilege comes great responsibility and that the nation is counting on the knowledge, drive, and skills of King Khalid University graduates to help achieve the Kingdom's long term goals.