Media and Communication Students Lead 12 Campaigns

King Khalid University - Media Center


The Media and Communication Department at the College of Humanities led 12 awareness campaigns that served 9 locations in the region. The main purpose of the campaigns was to increase awareness in a variety of fields and specialties related to the student's graduation projects and initiatives.


Dr. Ali Zuhair Al-Qahtani explained that the campaigns included exhibitions that introduced the campaign's mission, goals, infographic brochures, pamphlets, and gifts. He stressed that the campaigns are in line with the department's training plan set by Dr. Ali bin Shuwail Al-Qarni.


Dr. Al-Qahtani drew special attention to 3 campaigns that made the greatest impact as follows.


Stop It

Stop It is a campaign to raise awareness of disinformation and misinformation in 'fake news'. It aims to increase awareness of the risks it poses to society as well as methods to 'Stop It'.


Our Children Are Our Responsibility

Our Children Are Our Responsibility is a campaign to raise awareness on the amount of time children are spending on smart devices. It aims to mitigate problems stemming from excessive use.


Media Education for Children

Media Education for Children is a campaign to increase awareness of the dangers that exposure to mass media presents to children and adolescents. It aims to reduce the harmful effects of media by enhancing understanding and support for media education.


In addition to the campaigns mentioned above, a number of initiatives were also held as follows.


Goodwill Initiative

The Goodwill Initiative led by His Royal Highness Prince Turki bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, Governor of Asir, aims to revive to region's historic sites and attract tourists under the 'welcome a thousand times' slogan.


Travel With Health

Travel With Health is a multi-faceted initiative that raised awareness of both infectious and non-infectious health risks. The event was held at Abha International Airport and provided advice, guidance, and educational resources to thousands of citizens and expatriates.


To a Clean Environment

To a Clean Environment is an initiative focused on tackling the challenge of changing behavior and bringing the community together to do good. It is important that the region looks its best at all times from a business, tourist, and leisure perspective. Considered an initiative that can create long-term sustainable change, the initiative was held at dozens of parks throughout the region.


Principles and Values

Principles and Values is an initiative that aims to preserve and protect the region's park, recreation, and open space land.


Physical Activities

The Physical Activities Initiative aims to help people across the region lead a more active lifestyle through dozens of active walking schemes.


Anti-Fraud and Anti-Theft

The Anti-Fraud and Anti-Theft Initiative is a collaboration between the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority and King Khalid University. Its focus is mainly on raising financial awareness in society to will help stop the dangers linked to financial scams.


King Fahad Cultural Center: Saving Energy

This initiative was held at the King Fahad Cultural Center. It aims to explain the importance of rationalizing energy consumption and its optimal use at every moment.


Media and Communication Department Head, Dr. Ali Bin Shuwail Al-Qarni, explained that the campaigns were planned and executed under the volunteerism directives of King Khalid University Rector, His Excellency Prof. Falleh Al-Solamy.


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