University Corporate Governance Hosts the Saudi Accounting Association

King Khalid University - Media Center


In cooperation with the Saudi Accounting Association, King Khalid University's Corporate Governance Center organized a lecture entitled "The Labor Market Requirements for Business School Graduates". The lecture witnessed the participation of Saudi Accounting Association President, Hassan Al-Baas, Dean of the College of Business, Dr. Fayez bin Dafrah, faculty members and staff.


The meeting was launched by Corporate Governance Center Director, Dr. Meri Al-Habash, who welcomed the guests and participants. Following after, Dean Dafra delivered a speech in which he discussed the aspirations, plans, and ambitions of the College of Business. He thanked the Saudi Accounting Association on behalf of the College of Business for their active role and continuous support.


National Industrialization Company Vice President, Fawaz Al-Fawaz, presented a lecture on the requirements of the labor market, the skills required for future jobs and the importance of professional certificates This was followed by a discussion with the faculty members and guests. At the end of the meeting, the guests visited His Excellency Rector Al-Solamy's office where he congratulated them for their efforts and encouraged collaboration programs and projects.