Asir Governor Concludes 'Sandkum' Volunteer Preparation Program

King Khalid University - Media Center


His Royal Highness Prince Turki bin Talal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Governor of Asir, inaugurated the Sandkum Volunteer Initiative and 2 other initiatives. The forum was organized by the Deanship of Community Service and Continuing Education. In an exciting development, His Royal Highness announced that two new voluntary initiatives will be announced in the near future. His Royal Highness explained that the initiatives will encompass graffiti prevention and removal and a Green Asir Project where trees will be planted across the region in gardens and parks, mosques, schools, and public facilities.


At the commencement of the closing ceremony for the 2019 Sandkum Preparation Program, His Royal Highness expressed his gratitude to King Khalid University, the organizers and all of the program participants. He further recognized and thanked the university for its many community service and public outreach programs that run concurrently with university educational and academic functions. His Royal Highness stated that the university's public interest efforts help promote growth and development in the region, noting the importance of commitment and teamwork.


Later in the program, a brief orientation on the volunteer work of all Sandkum volunteer teams was provided. This was underscored by a discussion of future initiatives in the region and a charter signing event by the Sandkum team.