University Rector Honors Student Affairs Faculty Members

King Khalid University - Media center


King Khalid University Rector, His Excellency Prof. Falleh Al-Solamy, honored the faculty members of the Deanship of Student Affairs in a ceremony at the main campus. In his opening remarks, the Rector thanked the staff members for their hard work, dedication, and exemplary results. He noted the diversity and the quality of the programs the Deanship conducted for the benefit of the students and faculty.


Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Abdullah Al-Aideed, thanked His Excellency Rector Al-Solamy for his support of the Deanship and sponsorship of its many programs and functions. Dean Al-Aideed also thanked his staff, whose tireless efforts made all of the Deanship's efforts possible. He noted that the programs have conferred great benefits upon the students and the university community. Dean Al-Aideed recounted a few of the achievements made by this year including:


  • Adoption of the new organizational structure of the Deanship;
  • Publication of the emergency procedures handbook;
  • Revision of the salary scales;
  • Adoption of funds regulations;
  • Adoption of student housing regulations;
  • Organizing and archiving transaction histories.


The Deanship is now working in cooperation with the General Administration of Information Technology and the Vice rector of Academic Affairs to upgrade all electronic services.


His Excellency honored the members of the Deanship, including: Dr. Amer Ja'far, Raed Al-Qahtani, Yousef Al-Ahmari, Abdullah Al-Khubia, Ali Al-Qahtani, Abdullah Al-Dreem, Abdulaziz Al-Shehri, Nayef Al-Shahrani, Saeed Al-Amri, Mohammad Abu Hashra, Abdullah Al-Shahrani, Ayman Asiri, Fawaz Al-Thiabi, Mohammed Al-Kaabi, Ali Al-Hassan, Ali Al-Wahabi, Masli Al-Qahtani, Said Zuifir and Qabil Al-Yazidi. The Rector presented all of the above with commemorative certificates.