More Than 500 Benefit From Community Service Diploma Programs

King Khalid University - Media Center


The Deanship Community Service and Continuing Education conducted a variety of training courses and diploma programs in the 1439-40 academic year.


The Deanship offered more than 55 programs this year including: Internet Security, Cybercrime: Challenges and Processes, Effective Communication Skills, Scientific Research Skills, Process Management Engineering, Total Quality Management, Electronic Archiving and Human Resources Management, and Computers in Office Management. The Deanship has also completed six diploma programs including: Applied Programming, Office Management, English, Associate Diploma in Resource Management, and Associate's in Health Management.


The university's Bader Volunteer Team completed five community service initiatives in which more than 100 students participated. These included programs such as 'The Effects of Drug Use', a Ramadan food basket distribution, and initiative education courses. The deanship also collaborated with various public social service agencies in the Asir region.


Dean of Community Service and Continuing Education, Dr. Omar Alwan Ageel, explained that the deanship's programs goal is to match the needs of the community and the job market with qualified graduates ready to fulfill those needs. Providing employment and volunteer outreach initiatives are important aspects of both regional and national development.