University Organizes International Safety and Health Management Workshop

King Khalid University - Media Center


Under the aegis of Vice Rector, Dr. Mohamed Ali Al-Hasoon, the University Agency sponsored a training workshop titled 'International Safety and Health Management Standards System Course- ISO 45001: 2018'. Engineer and advisor to the Strategic Planning Department Mohammed Saad Al-Banna, presented the program. The purpose of the workshop was to familiarize the attendees with the framework, structure and particular requirements of the aforesaid international health and safety standards pursuant to International Safety and Health Management Standard System (HSH) 45001: 2018.


Event co-sponsor and advisor to the Strategic Planning Unit, Dr. Khalid Abu-Hakma, noted that the workshop was directed towards university employees working in engineering, safety and security units within the KKU system. He stated that it is important for the university to meet or exceed international standards and industry best practices for health and safety among all functional departments.


88 staff members attended the event, and the Vice Rectors recognized Mr. Al-Banna for his hard work in organizing and leading the program activities.