Intellectual Security Forum on Digital Citizenship

King Khalid University - Media Center


The Intellectual Awareness Unit is hosting an intellectual security-themed forum titled 'Digital Citizenship'. The forum will be held on the 15th and 16th of Jumādā Al-Awwal.


His Excellency King Khalid University Rector, Prof. Falleh R.M. Al-Solamy, explained that the forum is part of a series of events that illustrate the university's strong interest in national development and intellectual security issues. He emphasized that specialists from universities around the Kingdom in cybersecurity, intellectual awareness, and social media will make presentations at the event. Rector Al-Solamy expressed his confidence in the forum achieving its goals and objectives to raise the awareness on the role of 'digital citizenship integrity' in Saudi society. This effort is an integral part in maintaining a cohesive and well-informed populous he related.


Vice Rector of Graduate Studies and Research, Dr. Saad Abdulrahman Al-Amry, reiterated that the forum is designed to uphold the university's commitment to intellectual security. He noted that young people, who are heavy users of the internet and social media, are particularly vulnerable to harmful influences in the digital age. Vice Rector Al-Amry stated that forums such as these are one of the best ways of maintaining awareness of this important social issue.


General Supervisor of the Intellectual Awareness Unit, Yahya bin Abdullah Al-Bakri, reviewed the topics covered in the forum as follows:


  • The reality of social media in Saudi Arabia;
  • The role of social media in supporting intellectual awareness;
  • The threat of inappropriate social media usage and conduct to intellectual awareness;
  • The methods of enhancing national cohesiveness through social media.


Al-Bakri added that the forum will also include several special competitions regarding social media usage as follows:


  • Best participating paper;
  • Most influential issue awareness YouTube video;
  • Best Snapchat post;
  • Best motion graphic video;
  • Best-written submission.


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