Intellectual Integrity in the Age of Social Media

King Khalid University - Media Center

The Intellectual Awareness Unit held a lecture titled “Intellectual Security in Light of Technological Challenges” presented by Dr. Lamiya Al-Qadi. This lecture was part of the Awareness Program and was attended by numerous students, university employees, and faculty members.

Al-Qadi explained that negative influences are ever-present. It is imperative that we remain rational and true to our civic responsibilities and religious duties. Intellectual awareness the discipline of preventing our minds and spirits from being corrupted by unhealthy outside influences.

As part of the Intellectual Awareness Program, we must consider the effects of modern technology. In our society, technological communications such as social media and the like can leave us vulnerable to impure influence. “It is incumbent upon parents, educators, and the public-at-large to prevent our youth from being harmed by the misuse of technological communications,” said Al-Qadi. Of course, technology can be highly beneficial when used properly. Social media and the like can be used to disseminate valuable information and deepen cross-cultural understanding in accord with the values and traditions of the Kingdom. Intellectual security requires us to strike a balance in the use of technology. It was mentioned that our society must find ways to utilize technology for legitimate purposes and societal advancements while alleviating potential harm from its misuse.

Before the close of the meeting, Al-Qadi reviewed a number of recommendations designed to implement the strategy of using social media for overall societal benefit while preventing harm from illegitimate communications.