Cinematic Activities Come to a Close

King Khalid University - Media Center

The Theater Unit recently conducted a 4-day workshop of cinematic activities designed to attract and display student talents. Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Abdullah Al-Aideed, presided over the closing ceremony.

"The university supports our student’s cinematic efforts and future development, especially, with respect to dramatic films that are cultural in nature. The Deanship of Student Affairs sincerely sends our gratitude to His Excellency Rector Al-Solamy for his continued enthusiasm and encouragement for this program. This event was unusual in that most of the main activities were conducted in a tent set-up near entrance 11. There were a variety of workshops, seminars, and displays highlighting our student’s efforts and talents. These helped to encourage further creative development among the students and helped them prepare for showcasing their work at larger venues," said Dean Al-Aideed.

While we are unable to mention all of the events, below are some of the noteworthy activities:

  • A presentation titled "Theater Critique" by Dr. Abdul Hameed Al-Hasamie;
  • A short play "Children’s Theater: A Sky of Expectations" by Dr. Ibrahim Abu Talib;
  • Theater games by student Fawaz Al-Shehri and Abdulwhab Al-Ahmari;
  • "A Step Towards Professionalism" workshop by Dr. Mohammad Al Mubarak in collaboration with the Institution of Art and Culture for Training (THAGIF);
  • A workshop on the fundamentals of theaters design by Dr. Saif Al Deen Sayid;
  • A workshop on audience analysis by Dr. Khudran Al-Suhami;
  • A play titled "A Celebrated Theater" written by Ahmed Sarawi, director of Abha’s Art and Culture committee;
  • A seminar on media education by Dr. Ali Zuhair;
  • Theater dialogue a play by Yahya Al Alkami, personality traits workshop and finally an honoring ceremony.

"This fine multi-day event was successful thanks to the cooperation and collaboration with the Association of Culture and Arts in Abha, the Media and Public Relations Club, Toastmasters International, the Calligraphy-Fine Arts-Pen Clubs. We are most grateful for the significant contribution to this effort. We can congratulate all of these sponsors, collaborators, and participants. Programs such as this bolster civic objectives and our standing in the arts and dramatic community in the Kingdom," said Dean Al-Aideed.