Sheikh Al-Khanin to Refute Misleading Information

king Khalid University - Media Center

The Intellectual Awareness Unit in collaboration with the General Secretariat of Senior Scholars is hosting Sheikh Abdullah Mohammed Al-Khanin as part of the visiting scholar initiative program on the 29th of Safar. It will take place at the College of Science and Arts Theater in Mohayil. The purpose of King Khalid University’s Islamic Values Program is to embrace a moderate approach in all aspects of civic life. Also, the program calls for rejection of extremist views and considers radical teachings counter-productive and void ab initio.

Deputy Supervisor of the Intellectual Awareness Unit, Dr. Misfer bin Ahmed Al-Wadie, explained that the program involves a series of meetings and forums with senior scholars in Saudi Arabia. Their role is to enhance and support scholarly endeavors while refuting false or misleading statements and accusations being propagated on various forms of social media.

This is the third in a series of meetings which aims to highlight the role of scholars and also:

  • Identify the true sources of Islamic knowledge;
  • Teach how to deal with false or misleading information;
  • Advise on how to live in mental and emotional homeostasis;
  • Highlight the dangers of atheism to people of faith.