First Female Activities Forum: Unlocking the Potential of Our Students

King Khalid University - Media Center

Vice Rector of Student Affairs, Dr. Khalood Abu Melha, sponsored the First Female Activities Forum organized by the Deanship of Student Affairs at the College of Science. This forum is designed to evaluate and initiate improvements to a variety of student activities available to the females.

At the opening of the event, Vice Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Fatima Asiri, welcomed the guests and made her opening remarks. She said, "We are here to redefine the concept of student activities and nurture new ideas that will allow our students to aspire to and achieve great new things. These activities will help develop our students’ skills and abilities and contribute to their ongoing development. We are committed to the collaboration of these activities with other colleges on various programs such as student orientation, national day, field trips. We are also committed to working with administrative departments and even outside agencies and special units on an ad hoc basis."

Vice Dean Asiri also noted that the activities include:

  • Entertainment Activities;
  • Student Clubs;
  • Training Courses and Workshops;
  • Human Capital Development Forums;
  • Vision 2030 Integration Workshops.

The revamped student activities program marks a turning point in the direction of student development and college life.

One of the more noteworthy training sessions within the forum will be the "Challenge Corner", which will be done in conjunction with the iT Administration. The corner will utilize various experimental games, educational exercises, and interactive experiences designed to analyze, measure, and improve psychometric abilities and higher brain functions. In addition, there will be eight other activities sponsored by the deanship to include:

  • Experiments Corner - Student experiments conducted under supervision;
  • Experience Corner - Providing guidance on special education;
  • Healthy and Beauty Workshops;
  • Cybersecurity Workshop;
  • Mind-Mapping Workshop by Dr. Iman Refaat;
  • Safety Measures Workshop by Ms. Khadija Al-Bareed;
  • Thinking Outside the Box Workshop by Dr. Fatima Asiri;
  • Management Strategy Courses by  Dr. Badriya Abuhail.