Constructive Doubt in Knowledge and Its Value in Scientific Research: A Lecture at King Khalid University

King Khalid University - Media Center

King Khalid University, represented by the Department of Arabic Language and Literature at the Faculty of Humanities, organized a scientific lecture on Sunday the 5th of Safar 1440 AH titled 'Constructive Doubt in Knowledge and Its Value in Scientific Research'. It was presented by Dr. Abdullah bin Sulayem Al-Rasheed and managed by Abdulrahman Al-Mahsani, Director of the Social Research Center at King Khalid University.

During the lecture, Dr. Al-Rasheed presented a number of scientific, linguistic, literary, and historical issues, which were addressed through cognitive and constructive skepticism and characterized by accurate research methodology. He called upon scientific researchers and postgraduate students to examine knowledge according to scientific, methodological and research frameworks. He pointed out that constructive and useful cognitive skepticism is a high scientific methodological element that results in addressing many issues and correcting many concepts.

Al-Rasheed cautioned attendees not to depend on sources that are not based on scientific or systematic approaches. He asserted that invalid, unreliable, and unpublished works are not reliable sources.

The lecture witnessed a large number of attendees and participants. At the end of the talk, Dr. Kassem Asiri, Dr. Khaled Abu Hikma, and Dr. Ahmed Al-Tahani thanked Dr. Al-Rasheed for his speech and his visit to the university.