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The Deanship of Admissions and Registration announced the application period for the community college undergraduate degree extension program. This program is for community college certificate graduates who wish to continue their studies in pursuit of a bachelor's degree. Community college diploma students seeking admission to an undergraduate degree program can apply between the 9th to 17th of the current month using the online university Academia system.


Dean of Admissions, Dr. Abdulmohsen Algarni, noted the following admissions requirements:


  • Applicants must be willing to join a degree program as a full- time student;
  • Applicants will be required to complete at least sixty percent (60%) of the planned hours for their chosen bachelor’s degree program;
  • Applicants to Information Systems and Computer Coding degree programs must have a GPA of 3.25 or higher from their certificate studies;
  • Applicants to Accounting and Business Management programs must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher from their certificate studies, and pass a written exam prior to acceptance into a program.


Please note that admissions into degree programs are competitive. Acceptance is predicated upon applicant performance compared with average GPA and written exam scores of all applicants. King Khalid University is committed to attracting the best and brightest students into its degree programs.

King Khalid University - Media Center


Under the aegis of Vice Rector for Female Student Affairs, Prof. Khaloud Abu Melha, the 'Taawaan' club at the community college in Abha held the Small Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Projects Forum. The forum was held in collaboration with the Female Student Affairs Agency, the Chamber of Commerce in Abha, Al-Jazeera Paints, Dr. Abdullah Al-Muzher Medical Clinics, and the labor office. The purpose of the forum is to encourage women to pursue careers in small enterprises and other entrepreneurial activities.


Dean of the Community College, Dr. Munerah Abu Hamama, opened the ceremonies with a speech in which she presented the goals of the forum. The primary objective is to harness female creativity and innate penchant for entrepreneurship in accord with the goals of Vision 2030. She further noted the vital importance of small enterprises in the development and growth of the national economy. Dr. Abu Hamama also stated that the Kingdom will move away from relying primarily on the petroleum industry. While petroleum will remain a valuable resource, the nation will diversify its resources and economy into many different sectors. His Excellency Rector Al-Solamy said this conference is focused on ways in which we can help achieve this diversification objective. 'It is our duty to set the foundation that motivates our students towards taking part in this national transformation and the transition of our national economy', she said.


The activities of the forum were distributed over six categories. Dean of the Faculty of Science and Arts at Ahad Rufaida, Dr. Salma Al-Gharabi, opened the forum. Dean Al-Gharabi presented a paper titled 'The Role of Small Enterprises in Achieving the 2030 Vision'. Her research explained the classification of business and the role of small enterprises in the overall development of the Saudi economy pursuant to Vision 2030.  A number of faculty members and leaders participated in the program including:


  • Dr. Mashaa Khalifa, Department of Administrative Sciences at the Community College, 'The Steps to a Successful Project'; 
  • Dr. Mona Yacoub, 'Financial Constraints Facing Small and Micro Enterprises';
  • Dr. Anjem Othman, Assistant Professor of Business Administration at the Community College, 'Criteria and Indicators for Small and Micro Enterprises According to the 2030 Vision'; 
  • Dr. Hala Al-Zubair, 'Mechanisms to the Implementation of the Dimensions Acquired by Entrepreneurs; 
  • Dr. Hayat Atta Al-Mannan, 'The Difference Between Small Projects and Entrepreneurship Projects';
  • College of Arts and Science at Ahad Rufaida, 'Success Story'.
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