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King Khalid University Vice Rector, Dr. Mohammed Al-Hassoun, chaired the first session of the Research and Development Conference and hosted three speakers. General Supervisor of the Research and Development Office at the Ministry of Education, Dr. Hisham Al-Hadlaq, discussed the research and development initiative and Vision 2030. Dean of Scientific Research at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dr. Abdullah Sultan, presented how KFUPM handles major research projects. Senior Director of Technology at SABIC, Dr. Abdullah Al-Qahtani, spoke on the role of technology and innovation in empowering the Kingdom's innovation targets.


Najran University Vice Rector of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Ali bin Al-Hajri, chaired the second session of the conference. The Vice Rector hosted several researchers. Dean of Scientific Research, Dr. Hamid Al-Qarni, proposed a strategy for research and development in light of the particular needs and values within the Kingdom. Dean of Scientific Research at King Saud University, Dr. Nasser Al-Arifi, spoke about measurement and evaluation in relation to the effectiveness of international cooperative research partnerships.


Dr. Abdullah Al-Hanash from King Khalid University chaired the third and final session of the event. He hosted Chairman of the Center for Advanced Electronic Sensors at Najran University, Dr. Mohammed Sultan Al-Asiri, who discussed his research progress.

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The university is expanding its internal electronic employee services to better serve the faculty. King Khalid University Rector, His Excellency Prof. Falleh Al-Solamy, launched a number of electronic service initiatives on a variety of university platforms and websites. These improvements will make faculty requests, such as registration, leave requests, etc. more efficient and convenient.


Vice Rector Du'ajim: 'We have instituted an electronic services improvement program that will increase productivity while reducing overhead costs'.


Vice Rector of Academic Affairs, Dr. Saad Du'ajim, has implemented a master electronic services improvement plan that will affect most every part of faculty interaction with university administration. 'We have instituted an electronic services improvement program that will increase productivity while reducing overhead costs' he said. The Vice Rector also noted that these system upgrades are being done in stages to ensure smooth transitions to the new technologies. The Vice Rector expressed his gratitude to the Rector for his support on the program, noting that the Rector's support and dedication to the university projects and development programs has been amazing.

The Academic and Learning Administration Implements Electronic Services Upgrades
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The Research and Development Conference concluded after the second full day. The conference was organized by the Deanship of Scientific Research. The purpose of the event was to explore ways in which the university can further contribute to scientific research and development.


Vice Dean of Scientific Research, Dr. Ali Al-Khazim, and Advisor to the Center for Communication and Knowledge Exploration, Dr. Amer Al-Husseini, spoke about the direct and indirect economic benefits of university research and development projects in the Kingdom. United Kingdom researcher, Dr. Gary Green, spoke on the relationships between university research branches and private industry. Later in the session Saudi Aramco representative/specialist Dr. Hamad Al-Saeiri spoke on the subject how large companies conduct intensive research programs.


Department of Educational Services General Supervisor, Dr. Salem Al-Faifi, chaired the second and final session of the conference in which he hosted some outside researchers. Dr. Omar Naji explained his experience with multi-disciplinary, international research projects. Director of the Basic Research Program at King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, Mr. Ryan Yusuf Buq spoke about how research efforts in the Kingdom support Vision 2030.

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King Khalid University Rector, His Excellency Prof. Falleh Al-Solamy, will be hosting the 3rd Annual Scholarship Forum. The two-day event was organized by the Graduate Studies and Scientific Research Administration, and will be held at the Abha Palace Hotel. The purpose of the forum is to discuss strategies for recruiting and supporting university scholarship students.


Vice Rector of Scientific Research and Postgraduate Studies, Dr. Saad Al-Amri, thanked the Rector for his support. He then stated that a main objective of the forum was to make sure applicants have awareness of and adequate guidance for pursuing scholarship opportunities in the Kingdom. The General Supervisor of the Scholarship Department, Dr. Ahmed Al-Amri, explained that the university seeks talented and motivated international students for scholarships at the university. He stated that his department works in close cooperation with the Gulf Conference Company to publicize opportunities and recruit students. Dr. Al-Amri further explained that King Khalid University partners with leading educational institutions from around the world to form scholarly collaboratives.


The forum recruits at the British and American embassies, and hosts students from the United States, Great Britain and Australia. The forum also provides recruits with logistics support and visa applications through workshops.

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The Islamic Values Scholar Visitation Program is designed to educate and promote the faith to our youth and our educators. King Khalid University is in partnership with the General Secretariat of the Council of Senior Scientists under the supervision of the Intellectual Awareness Unit. As part of the program, His Excellency King Khalid University Rector, Prof. Falleh R. M. Al-Solamy, met with Royal Court Advisor and Senior Council Scholar, Sheikh Dr. Abdullah Al-Mutlaq, in a reception at the main campus. The purpose of the meeting was to review and explain the importance of knowledge and the legal approach to dealing with misconceptions and extremism.


At the beginning Deputy General Supervisor of the Intellectual Awareness Unit, Dr. Misfer bin Ahmed Al-Wadai, introduced they keynote speaker Sheikh Al-Mutlaq. Sheikh Al-Mutlaq began his speech by thanking the rector, faculty members, staff, and attendees for their warm welcome and hospitality. He congratulated the university for its outstanding efforts in community service. Sheikh Al-Mutlaq then delivered a series of recommendations to the students urging them to always stay true to and conduct their lives in accordance with the highest standards of Islamic values. He also encouraged the students to be role models of Islam. This, he explained, will spread a positive image about Islam in their home countries as scholarship students return home and become ambassadors. Following the lecture, Sheikh Al-Mutlaq addressed a number of questions from the audience.


In recognition of Sheikh Al-Mutlaq's efforts and the wisdom he imparted to the university, Rector Al-Solamy presented him with a commemorative plaque thanking him for his dedication in maintaining and promoting ethics and classical Islamic values.

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The women's division of the Khamis Mushait Community College held a workforce skill and qualifications forum on Sunday 10th of Rajab in the college theater. The Community Service and Continuing Education committee organized the event in collaboration with the college's Alumni Association.


The purpose of the forum was to review the various employment opportunities available to female college graduates. A number of government agencies and private enterprises participated in the program including:


  • Al-Ghunaim Trading Company Limited (the forum sponsor);
  • Landmark Group;
  • The Wataniya National Employment Office;
  • Al Khaleej Training and Education Company;
  • Alinma Bank.


The forum was well attended with both students and members of the public. The forum participants included community college students/graduates who now have substantial employment histories. Ms. Rafta Al-Shahrani and Ms. Wejdan Al-Shahrani made presentations sharing their respective educational and professional journeys with an enthusiastic crowd. Later the organizers held a Q&A session.


Community College Assistant Dean, Dr. Amal Mushait, led the closing ceremony. She thanked all of the organizers and participants for making the event a success. She also said, 'We are proud of our skilled and hardworking graduates. These women help ensure that the region and the entire Kingdom have a highly motivated and capable workforce'.

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The university recently conducted an assessment and evaluation forum. The purpose was to discuss issues and ideas for improving student academic performance assessments. The organizers wanted to reinforce the importance of fair and accurate student assessments, and show the important role faculty members have in student evaluation methods. At the conclusion of the forum, the standing committee proffered the following recommendations:


  • Implement national and international testing standards in higher education;
  • Conduct comparative studies of learning outcomes in higher education with relevant national project standards;
  • Establish learning outcome frameworks for various domestic professional disciplines;
  • Publish an electronic assessment and evaluation handbook complete with terminology and assessment strategies in Arabic and English.


One of the Deans participating in the forum, Dr. Salama Al-Ghraib, stressed the importance of having unified student examinations in higher education. Dr. Al-Ghraib said that this policy is necessary in order to assure adequate performance evaluation and fairness, stating 'This can be achieved through the use of standardized criteria, unified exams, question banks and faculty training'.

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King Khalid University hosted Royal Council Consultant and member of the Council of Senior Scholars, Sheikh Dr. Abdullah Al-Mutlaq, at the main campus. The Intellectual Awareness Unit sponsored and arranged the Sheikh's visit to the university. This was in collaboration with the General Secretariat of Senior Scholar's outreach initiative called the 'Scholar Visitation Program'. The purpose of the Sheikh's visit was to discuss the proper methods of addressing fraud and corruption.


In his presentation, the Sheikh noted that fraud and corruption in affairs both public and private are un-Islamic and unacceptable. He then reviewed the various means of appropriately eradicating improper behavior in a fair and reasonable manner. The Deputy Supervisor of the Awareness Unit, Dr. Misfer bin Ahmed Al-Wadai thanked the Sheikh for imparting his knowledge and wisdom. Dr. Al-Wadai reiterated that every Saudi has a duty of fair and honest behavior in every aspect of their lives.


This forum was the fourth in a series of meetings on cultural awareness related issues. These meetings cover 4 major topics:


  • Scholarly endeavors;
  • Validating information sources;
  • Fraud, corruption and the law;
  • Misconceptions about Islam and societal impacts.
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By the direction and under the patronage of His Royal Highness, Prince Turki bin Talal bin Abdulaziz, King Khalid University will conduct a conference on scientific research. The purpose of this program is to explore the economic and educational impacts of domestic scientific research and development programs. The Deanship of Scientific Research is taking the lead in planning and organizing the conference.


King Khalid University Rector, His Excellency Prof. Falleh Al-Solamy, thanked His Royal Highness for his tutelage and faith in King Khalid University to host a productive and successful program. The Rector further thanked His Royal Highness for his broad and continuing support for all university activities. The Rector noted that this conference is one in a series of events designated to raise awareness of the importance of scientific research. Increasing technical capabilities is essential for socio-economic development in the Kingdom and a pillar of the Vision 2030 national strategy.


His Excellency Rector Al-Solamy also explained that collaboration is the primary objective of the conference. 'Utilizing partnerships and joint ventures is an effective strategy for conducting advanced research. Sharing scientific knowledge, technical acumen and financial resources can lead to better results in less time. We will partner with other leading public and private enterprises in furtherance of scientific advancement' he said.


Rector Al-Solamy: 'Utilizing partnerships and joint ventures is an effective strategy for conducting advanced research. Sharing scientific knowledge, technical acumen and financial resources can lead to better results in less time. We will partner with other leading public and private enterprises in furtherance of scientific advancement'.


Vice Rector of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Conference, Dr. Saad Al-Amri, said that this conference is part of a national scientific development program, part of which is being administered by the Ministry of Education. Last year the International Cooperation Initiative authorized such joint ventures and partnerships for scientific research. The Vice Rector noted that research cooperatives are a national strategic priority with a 6 billion SR total budget. These efforts will advance scientific knowledge while enhancing international cooperation.


Both the Rector and the Vice Rector stated that KKU's research efforts are ambitious. The university is aggressively pursuing international collaborative efforts in accordance with established scientific research priorities. The university, through the Deanship of Research, will actively manage these efforts to ensure quality and efficiency. These programs will ultimately provide substantial benefits to the Kingdom.

University Hosts Research Initiatives and Development Conference
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The Saudi Federation for Electronic and Intellectual Sports (SAFEIS) recently granted King Khalid University accreditation and a license to participate in the organization's competitions and other activities. The purpose of the electronics sports program is to encourage involvement in electronics and computer science in a fun and entertaining manner. The university's Electronic Games Club will coordinate events with the Federation.


CIO, Dr. Salem Alelyani, thanked SAFEIS for its patronage. He said, 'I appreciate that the Federation has entrusted the university to fulfill the underlying program purposes while our students have fun. We will channel our students' latent talents to promote technological innovation and teamwork in a safe and productive environment'.


Studies indicate that gaming can be useful. Cognitive abilities, communication skills and social skills may improve through electronic games. Of course, gaming can be detrimental if done in excess or in unhealthy environments. The university is committed to extracting the potential benefits of electronic games, while avoiding the pitfalls through judicious management and careful supervision.

University Obtains License from SAFEIS


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