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The Deanship of Admissions and Registration announced the registration dates for the summer semester of the 1439-40 academic year as follows:


Those accepted into graduate level programs may register for classes starting the 9th of Shaban and until the 11th of Shaban using the Academia portal on the university main website. King Khalid University undergraduate students wishing to enroll in Summer classes can register beginning the 16th of Shaban until the 21st of Ramadan using the Academia portal on the university main website. Visiting students may, subject to certain restrictions, register beginning on the 11th of Ramadan.


Dean of Admissions and Registration, Dr. Abdulmohsen Algarni, explained that King Khalid University students scheduled to graduate this academic year have first priority for seats in any given class. Non-graduating students regularly enrolled at KKU have second priority. Students visiting from other universities are welcome in Summer classes on a space available basis.

King Khalid University - Media Center


University Vice Rector, Dr. Mohammed Al-Hassoun, hosted the inaugural Criminal Justice and Human Rights Symposium on Monday at the main campus. The Asir Regional Human Rights Department organized the event in collaboration with the University College of Law and Business. The purpose of the symposium was to discuss law and criminal justice.


In his opening remarks, Vice Rector Hassoun welcomed the guests and thanked the government agencies for their participation and support. The Vice Rector stated that, as a community, we should all endeavor to maintain a just and equitable society. Two forum sessions followed shortly thereafter.


In the first session, Human Rights Council member Dr. Ali Al-Harithi reviewed the inherent rights of prisoners and detainees. He also discussed the rights of self-defense and the defense of others for victims of crime. King Khalid University professor Dr. Ahmed Satti elaborated on the rights of indicted citizens facing trial. Public prosecutor Mr. Mohamed Hassan Maeed spoke about criminal investigations and the rights of citizens being investigated and/or charged under the criminal code.


The second session began with a presentation by King Khalid University Professor Dr. Awad Osman on the right to privacy and civilian legal rights during an arrest. Major Mohammed Abdullah Al-Qahtani from the General Directorate of Prisons in Asir Region then spoke on the model rules for the treatment of detainees and prisoners.


At the end of the symposium, the Human Rights Commission honored the hosts, participants and guests.

King Khalid University - Media Center


With the participation of 16 faculty members from the College of Humanities in King Khalid University and the participation of students, the Arabic Language and Literature Department celebrated World Poetry Day.


The celebration witnessed the participation of the Dean of the College of Humanities, Dr. Yayhya Al Sharif, the Head of the Arabic Language and Literature Department, Dr. Ahmed Al-Tehani, and the General Supervisor of the Scholarship Administration, Dr. Saeed Al-Shahrani.


The poetry reading included a number of poems delivered by the poets which reflected the eloquence and depth of the Arabic Language and different styles of poetry used in the Arab culture. At the conclusion of the program, Dean Al-Sharif honored the poets and thanked the audience for their attendance.

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Under the aegis of Vice Rector for Female Student Affairs, Prof. Khaloud Abu Melha, the 'Taawaan' club at the community college in Abha held the Small Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Projects Forum. The forum was held in collaboration with the Female Student Affairs Agency, the Chamber of Commerce in Abha, Al-Jazeera Paints, Dr. Abdullah Al-Muzher Medical Clinics, and the labor office. The purpose of the forum is to encourage women to pursue careers in small enterprises and other entrepreneurial activities.


Dean of the Community College, Dr. Munerah Abu Hamama, opened the ceremonies with a speech in which she presented the goals of the forum. The primary objective is to harness female creativity and innate penchant for entrepreneurship in accord with the goals of Vision 2030. She further noted the vital importance of small enterprises in the development and growth of the national economy. Dr. Abu Hamama also stated that the Kingdom will move away from relying primarily on the petroleum industry. While petroleum will remain a valuable resource, the nation will diversify its resources and economy into many different sectors. His Excellency Rector Al-Solamy said this conference is focused on ways in which we can help achieve this diversification objective. 'It is our duty to set the foundation that motivates our students towards taking part in this national transformation and the transition of our national economy', she said.


The activities of the forum were distributed over six categories. Dean of the Faculty of Science and Arts at Ahad Rufaida, Dr. Salma Al-Gharabi, opened the forum. Dean Al-Gharabi presented a paper titled 'The Role of Small Enterprises in Achieving the 2030 Vision'. Her research explained the classification of business and the role of small enterprises in the overall development of the Saudi economy pursuant to Vision 2030.  A number of faculty members and leaders participated in the program including:


  • Dr. Mashaa Khalifa, Department of Administrative Sciences at the Community College, 'The Steps to a Successful Project'; 
  • Dr. Mona Yacoub, 'Financial Constraints Facing Small and Micro Enterprises';
  • Dr. Anjem Othman, Assistant Professor of Business Administration at the Community College, 'Criteria and Indicators for Small and Micro Enterprises According to the 2030 Vision'; 
  • Dr. Hala Al-Zubair, 'Mechanisms to the Implementation of the Dimensions Acquired by Entrepreneurs; 
  • Dr. Hayat Atta Al-Mannan, 'The Difference Between Small Projects and Entrepreneurship Projects';
  • College of Arts and Science at Ahad Rufaida, 'Success Story'.
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King Khalid University - Media Center


King Khalid University Rector, His Excellency Prof. Falleh Al-Solamy, recently presided over the for the closing ceremony for student activities in the 2018-19 academic year. The university Vice Rectors, College Deans, Vice-Deans and students congregated in the theatre at the main campus in order to give the organizers of all student activities a proper send-off.


Rector Al-Solamy: 'Student activities help create a balanced education and promote social cohesion'.


His Excellency first toured the exhibition which showcased some of the student activities and achievements for the academic year. Also included in the exhibits was a calligraphy collection honoring outstanding creativity. In his opening remarks, the Rector expressed his overwhelming joy and satisfaction with the Deanship of Student Affairs in supervising and encouraging students to unlock their potential. He also commended students for their participation in extracurricular activities in research, sports, and fine arts. 'Student activities help create a balanced education and promote social cohesion', he said. His Excellency then thanked the Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Abdullah Al-Aideed, for his continuous hard work in helping the students with every sort of issue and difficulty.


In turn, Dr. Abdullah Al-Aideed thanked His Excellency for his unwavering support throughout each semester. He noted that the Deanship of Student Affairs' mission is to provide a healthy and stimulating environment that allows the students to flourish. He congratulated the graduates on their accomplishments and wished them well in the future. The Dean then showed a short video summarizing the department's objectives, methods, and accomplishments.


His Excellency concluded the ceremonies by recognizing a number of student organizations and honoring exceptional participants.

The Student Activity Closing Ceremony
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King Khalid University - Media Center


By direction of and under the patronage of His Royal Highness, Prince Turki bin Talal bin Abdulaziz, King Khalid University conducted a conference on scientific research this past Wednesday at the Abha Palace Hotel. The purpose of this program was to explore the economic and educational impacts of domestic scientific research and development programs. The Deanship of Scientific Research took the lead in planning and organizing the conference.


Rector Al-Solamy: 'The Kingdom's scientific programs support theoretical research through practical application. These are generally massive projects, that require the concerted efforts of government agencies, universities and private industry'.


The program began with a short film that provided an overview of the conference objectives. Conference Sponsor and General Supervisor of the Research and Development Office in the Ministry of Education, Dr. Hisham bin Abdulaziz Al-Hadleiq, thanked the conference organizers and noted the importance of the subject matter. In his opening remarks the Rector stated that universities play a vital role in both training scientists and participating in scientific research projects that result in technical advancements. He further explained that scientific research is a national priority, and a pillar of the Kingdom's socio-economic development strategy as set forth in Vision 2030. The Rector noted that all Saudi universities are organizing new scientific initiatives in collaboration with the Ministry of Education. 'The Kingdom's scientific programs support theoretical research through practical application. These are generally massive projects, that require the concerted efforts of government agencies, universities and private industry' he said.


King Khalid University Rector, His Excellency Prof. Falleh Al-Solamy, thanked His Royal Highness and the Ministry of Education for supporting the university's scientific endeavors. The Rector expressed his unwavering intent to ensure that King Khalid University makes significant contributions to research and development in the coming years.

University Sponsors Research and Development Conference


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