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King Khalid University Rector, His Excellency Prof. Falleh R. M. Al-Solamy, hosted World Cancer Day on behalf of King Khalid University. The Department of Clinical and Laboratory Sciences at the Faculty of Applied Medical organized the event in cooperation with the college's student club.


His Excellency opened the program by expressing his appreciation for all of the organizers and participants. He then invited everyone in attendance to tour the interactive exhibition the faculty and students created for the event. There were many exhibits from both within and outside the university. The exhibits helped identify cancer risks and the various strategies for both preventing and treating cancers. His Excellency stated that the purpose of the World Cancer Day was to raise awareness about cancer and promote education on cancer prevention and treatment. His Excellency also noted that King Khalid University plans to open a cancer research center. He said that the cancer center will, in cooperation with other relevant institutions, use the university's considerable medical expertise and resources to advance the body of knowledge on cancer prevention and treatment. This center comports with the public health improvement goals set forth in Vision 2030 and its appendant aspirational documents.


Dean Al-Ahmari: 'This event comes as part of the Department's contribution to achieving the mission of the university and the college in raising the awareness of society about health problems'.


Dean of the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, Dr. Khalid Al-Ahmari, then made a brief presentation. He welcomed all of the organizers and participants. Dean Al-Ahmari reiterated that the program is just one of many current and future initiatives to improve public health through cancer awareness and education. He further expressed his gratitude to all of the public and private healthcare providers and administrative agencies for their support of the department and the university in these important efforts.


Dr. Majid Saad Al-Faye, Head of Clinical Laboratory Sciences Department, provided much useful information about cancer. 'Cancer is a leading cause of death throughout the world. Patients and their families suffer enormously due to the scourge of cancer and related diseases. Every year Saudi Arabia records more than 14,000 cases of cancer. It is our objective to reduce this distressing figure by 40% through research and education' he said. Dr. Al-Faye also said that he would be utilizing many resources, including the university's own graduate students, to design and develop programs which would significantly increase cancer prevention in the Kingdom.


Later in the program, Dr. Ahmed Al-Omari, Dr. Ali Al-Khathami, and Dr. Mohamed Al-Faifi conducted a forum detailing the latest developments in cancer treatment. As part of their presentation, they showed a short film regarding modern cancer prevention and treatment methods.


On behalf of the students at the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, Dr. Erwa Al-Batayneh spoke on behalf of the college student club. He stressed the importance of student involvement in research and community awareness activities. He noted that the university's cancer initiatives are a high priority for the club and that the talented club members are working diligently on these efforts in conjunction with other public and private stakeholders.


At the conclusion of the program, the organizers presented His Excellency Rector Al-Solamy with a plaque to commemorate the event. Once again the Rector thanked all of the organizers, participants and attendees.

Rector Promotes Cancer Research and Education
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King Khalid University - Media Center


King Khalid University Rector, His Excellency Prof. Falleh R. M. Al-Solamy, is most pleased to announce that King Khalid University has achieved the highest ranking among all universities in the Kingdom for excellence in media coverage. The Ministry of Education selected King Khalid University for recognition based on the quality, quantity and diversity of material published in the previous academic year.


Media Report Manager at the Ministry of Education, Mr. Yahya Zaila, praised the university's Media Center for its laudable multi-platform efforts and achievements. Rector Al-Solamy thanked the Mr. Zaila for the Ministry's consideration and continuing support for media development.


Al-Qahtani: 'The Media Center has controls and policies in editing and publishing that guarantee the quality of the information materials submitted for publication'.


Media Center General Supervisor at King Khalid University, Dr. Mofleh bin Zaban Al-Qahtani, thanked Mr. Zaila and the entire staff of the Ministry and the Rector for supporting the Media Center's work. He noted that the Media Center's success is made possible by the hard work and dedication of the other departments in the university. 'The Media Center takes the lead editing and publishing our faculty's media content. However, these publishing achievements are rooted in the quality and variety of the material documenting news, events and special programs submitted by the faculty' he stated.


The Media Center is currently working on a number of initiatives to further expand and improve the university's media capabilities. King Khalid University's media strategy and continuing efforts promotes and enhances the university's reputation on wide-ranging platforms with worldwide reach. The vast information provided also supports the various educational and economic development programs in the region.

Ministry of Education Recognizes the University for Our Multi-Platform Media Strategy
King Khalid University - Media Center


Under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Turkey bin Talal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Governor of Asir, the Deanship of Student Affairs will hold the volunteer initiative 'Ataa' on the first Wednesday and Thursday of Jumādá Al-Ākhirah in cooperation with a number of leading figures in the field. Of noteworthy mention, this is the first virtual volunteer forum held on the university's electronic platforms that will include training sessions, talks, and workshops. The forum will discuss the practical implications of and the future for volunteer work as set forth in Vision 2030. The event will also include a general discussion of volunteer work in the Kingdom.


The Deanship of Student Affairs plans to use this forum as a vehicle to spread awareness on the importance of volunteer and non-profit work. There will be a number of speakers to discuss various related topics including there experiences in the field. Key objectives for the forum are to emphasize volunteer teamwork, dealing with obstacles and challenges, and addressing the issues of volunteer work as it relates to national development.

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Under the patronage of King Khalid University Rector, His Excellency Prof. Falleh R. M. Al-Solamy, the Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences, in cooperation with the Student Club of the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences in Abha, has organized an awareness event to help raise awareness of cancer and encourage prevention in the community.


Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences Head, Dr. Majid Saad Al-Faie, explained that the event will be held on the 4th of February, which is World Cancer Day. The event will include an accompanying exhibition in partnership with a number of health entities from both government and private industry.


In addition, the Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences in collaboration with the Deanship of Community Service and Continuing Education will hold a public event at Al-Rashid mall on Saturday the 4th of Jumādá Al-Ākhirah 1440. It is worth noting that the female colleges will also be holding the same event on the medical female campus on Tuesday the 30thof Jumādá Al-Ūlá.​

King Khalid University - Media Center

King Khalid University announces the opening of a number of Teacher Assistant jobs in the College Humanities in Abha, the Community Colleges in Abha, Khamis Mushait, Mohayil, and Rijal Alma in the field of media and communication and general electives.


The opening of online application submission is to begin on Sunday the 5th of Jumādá Al-Ākhirah and end on the 11th of the same month.


Conditions include but are not limited to:


  • Applicant must be of Saudi nationality;
  • Age limit must not exceed 30 years;
  • Fresh graduate applicants are preferred, or must not exceed five years since graduation, noting that submission for fresh graduate will include second-semester graduates for the academic year 1434/1435 and first semester graduates for the academic year 1439/1440;
  • Degree received from a Saudi university or a foreign university recognized in the same specialization (attaching documents from the Ministry of Education to graduates of non-Saudi universities);
  • Full-time degree;
  • GPA not less than 'Very Good';
  • Minimum of 60 points for the university assessment test;
  • Interview;
  • Department written test;
  • English language proficiency test for English language applicants;


For more information, please visit the University's official website.

King Khalid University - Media Center


King Khalid University Rector, His Excellency Prof. Falleh R. M. Al-Solamy, led the fifth University Council meeting for the 1439-40 academic year. His Excellency the Secretary-General of the Interim Committee, Dr. Mohammad bin Abdulaziz Al-Saleh, university vice rectors, and deans were in attendance.


Rector Al-Solamy began the occasion by thanking Allah and praising Prophet Muhammad - peace be upon him. Following after, Vice Rector of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, Dr. Saad Al-Amry, reviewed the meeting agenda. 


The topics of discussion included:


  • The establishment of the King Khalid University Journal for Historical and Civil Studies;
  • The approval of a Ph.D. program in History at the Faculty of Humanities;
  • The promotion of a number of university staff.
King Khalid University - Media Center


King Khalid University launched the third week of the Seventh Annual Regional Healthcare Initiative in Bariq. The Deanship of Community Service and Continuing Education led the way by holding more than 10 training programs serving 430 participants.


The programs were complemented by self-development workshops on the importance of management delivered by Dr. Mohammad Al-Mazah. Dr. Al-Mazah discussed the definition of future planning, the concepts of planning, and a variety of project management terminologies. Also addressed was the concept of strategic planning and the role it plays in setting a successful plan. After, Dr. Ibrahim Al Qayid presented a workshop titled 'The Arts of Communication', which elaborated on strategies to captivate your audience and the art of listening and persuasion.


In the second phase of the events, a workshop titled 'Self-Development, Growth, and Priorities' was delivered by Dr. Ahmed Al-Khera. His workshop - tailored the concept of self-development - explained the importance it holds in discovering self-worth and value as well as the self-management and the priorities one must focus on to achieve self-growth and success. After, Dr. Ashraf Abu Zayd held a workshop on cybercrimes and the challenges and obstacles facing government entities. The purpose of Dr. Abu Zayd's workshop was to introduce the reasons behind cybercrime and the danger it poses to society. Then, Dr. Mamoon Al-Badawi delivered a seminar on utilizing active communication in the workplace. He explained and introduced the concept of communication and the impact it has on the work environment. He also illustrated the important role communication holds in productivity and creativity.


In the third phase of the events, a workshop on e-commerce was delivered by Dr. Ama'l Karbaj. Her workshop explained the definition of e-commerce, online shopping, consumer rights, and risks. After, Dr. Suad Abdulkarim held a workshop on event management and the advantages one can obtain when properly setting plans for events. Then, Dr. Khalida Ahmed delivered a seminar on the properties of food oil. The seminar included an explanation of the types of oils used in cooking and the dangers of reusing them on our health.


In all, many of the week's activities were focused on providing social development workshops. Two additional sessions were delivered that included:


  • 'The Skills of Research' by Dr. Samia Al-Amjad;
  • 'Home Accidents and Prevention Methods' by Dr. Darya Hassan.
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King Khalid University, represented by the Department of Holy Qur'an Sciences in the Faculty of Sharia and Fundamentals of Religion, closed the activities of the Frist Holy Qur'an Week, which was held under the slogan 'By the Holy Qur'an We Live'. The week was inaugurated by the Dean of the Faculty of Sharia and Fundamentals of Religion, Dr. Mohammad Dhafer Al-Shehri, who oversaw a host of recitation sessions, interpretations of the Holy Qur'an, and gatherings.


The Holy Qur'an week witnessed a variety of activities that included teaching sessions at Prince Faisal bin Khalid Mosque on the main, Mahala, and Al-Lasan campuses. The teaching sessions focused on sciences of the Holy Qur'an sciences and tajweed. It is worthing noting that the activities included a workshop entitled 'Keys to Endeavoring the Holy Qur'an', which highlighted the Kingdom's efforts in serving both the Holy Qur'an and Islamic nations. The workshop was attended by a number of faculty members and students.


A Holy Quran reciting competition was held contemporaneously with the events, which witnessed a large number of participants. Of noteworthy mention, five contestants were awarded for best recitation at the university level. It is worth mentioning that the First Holy Qur'an Week was a great success due in large part to a high-level of attendance by university faculty, staff, and students from different colleges and departments.

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