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The Media and Communications Department recently conducted six community service/public outreach programs in the Asir region. These initiatives included various efforts designed to improve the lives of our citizens and the environment. Each program began as a senior student graduation project, which the university sponsored for public consumption. These efforts were coordinated by departmental supervisor Mrs. Nora Amer.


Student Reem Salem Al-Faifi created a campaign to raise awareness on the dangers of social media. She discussed the ways in which impressionable teenagers are sometimes influenced by popular social media figures in negative or even destructive ways. She offered the public various solutions based on proper monitoring of internet usage and education.


Student Huda Asiri ran an awareness campaign on female depression. She focused on the causes, symptoms and potential treatment of depression in women and girls. She placed special emphasis on how family and friends can recognize and intervene when a female is depressed. Ms. Asiri also reviewed the potential consequences of chronic depression in females.


Student Azhar Al-Qahtani conducted a campaign on female empowerment in the workforce. She reviewed how women play an increasingly important role in economic development and other aspects of the national strategy. Ms. Al Qahtani then explained how female empowerment in the workplace was an important part of making sure that women contribute to increases in productivity in all sectors. She reviewed ways in which female employees can build character and enhance their self-confidence in all aspects of their professional and civic lives.


Graduating student Sara Al-Arbie ran a workshop on the importance of volunteerism. She raised public awareness on the need for people to do their part in enhancing the well-being of their fellow citizens at the local, regional and national levels. In her presentation, she noted that helping others benefits both the people assisted and those who volunteer. She explained that people who volunteer their time for the public good find more personal satisfaction and meaning in their own lives.


Student Rahaf Mubark is running a program titled 'Plant'. Her project aims to improve the environment and beautify the region by cleaning up and nurturing the indigenous flora and fauna in the area. The coalition raises awareness of the need for and benefits of an ecologically healthy environment.


Finally, student Samira Al-Zehan conducted a campaign titled 'Your Secret Power'. The purpose of this campaign is to raise awareness of the rights conferred upon Saudi women with keynote speakers Mohammed Awad Al-Fiih, legal advisor, and lawyer Al-Qahtani joining in.


The university congratulates these students for their hard work and dedication to public causes. More than 1,300 citizens benefited from these 6 programs.

King Khalid University - Media Center

The Media and Communication Department at King Khalid University held an awareness campaign on metabolic disorders in newborns. 'Early Diagnosis to Protect Newborns' was the slogan designed in collaboration with the private sector.


The campaign's purpose focused on metabolic disorders in newborns and the critical importance of early detection to prevent disabilities. It was noted that the rare genetic disorder appears in the early stages of infancy leading to permanent disabilities.


The campaign is the graduation project for Strategic Communication Media Department students Shog Mohammad Al-Qarni and Hanan Mushabab. They worked under the supervision of Department of Media and Communication Head, Nora Al-Amer. The campaign team included Dr. Mohammad Hajie, who explained that the probability of this disorder is usually found with couples who share the same genetic history.


Dr. Hajie added the Ministry of Health has established a routine procedure in public and private hospitals to examine newborns and diagnose the disorder in early stages, which must take place in the first 72 hours of birth. He discussed the significance of the 'Genome Project' and the work that they do. The not-for-profit project finds cures for genetic disorders and diseases to prevent and protect the spread of genetic disabilities.


The campaign introduced the causes and symptoms of this disorder, including the lack of important enzymes in the body, which are responsible for converting nutrients from protein, carbohydrates, and fats to small molecules. In turn, this leads to the accumulation of nutrients in the body causing excessive concentration in the blood. With early diagnosis, it was related, the threat of toxins and cell inactivity are drastically reduced.

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