The Dangers of Electronic Games

King Khalid University - Media Center

The Female Division of the Deanship of Community Service and Continuing Education in collaboration with the Faculty of Education held a workshop titled “The Dangers of Electronic Games on Children”. The lead presenter was Haifa Jaydan Al-Mabrook from the Department of Kindergarten.

The forum began with a background presentation about technology, computer games, and electronic game theory in the modern age. Following the introduction was an in-depth presentation on the dangers and potential ill-effects of video games to young people. She alluded to several deleterious effects of video games such as addiction, displacement of physical activity, and exposure to cyber-criminal activity. She also provided several alternatives to traditional video games that were more likely to benefit young people including construction games, puzzles, and group collaboration projects that encourage real, productive human interaction. The presenter then noted that the landscape for children's’ toys and entertainment is changing rapidly as evidenced by the recent bankruptcy filing of toy and game retailer, Toys“R”Us.

Al-Mabrook then provided an eye-opening statistical analysis regarding video games. The information summarized from peer-reviewed studies indicate that these games can substantially and negatively impact children’s brain functions and physical health. She noted that “because of these inherent risks, it is incumbent on parents and educators to closely monitor and control our children's’ use of video games and other electronic devices.”

Prior to the conclusion of the event, Al-Mabrook discussed a number of actual cases involving electronic games health issues. She and the participants discussed the cases and made recommendations as to how similar situations should be handled. This was extremely helpful to the participants whose main objective is to protect the children. “Initiatives such as this are crucial to defending young people from unhealthy and or evil influences in modern society,” said Assistant Dean, Dr. Abeer Al-Medawi.

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