University Hospital Announces Scholarship opportunities.


Jobs of King Khalid Hospital

King Khalid Hospital (University Hospital) announces external scholarship opportunities with priority of getting employment after obtaining the required qualification in the following disciplines:


Current  Qualification

Scholarship discipline


Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery

Fellowship (all disciplines)


Bachelor of Nursing

Masters (all disciplines)


Bachelor of Medical Devices Engineering (men)

Masters in Medical Device Engineering


Bachelor of Public Health

Masters of Medical Waste Management


Bachelor of Medical Labs

Bachelor of Medical Labs


Bachelor of Medicine

Masters or PhD in infection control


Bachelor of Public Health/Nursing

Masters in infection control


Bachelor of Clinical Pharmacy

Masters of Clinical Pharmacy


Bachelor of Pharmacy

Masters of Poisons


Bachelor of Physiotherapy

Clinical Doctorate in Physical Therapy


Bachelor of Nursing / respiratory therapy

Masters of respiratory therapy


Bachelor of Statistics / public Health 

Masters of Medical Statistics


Bachelor of Nutrition / medical nutrition

Masters of medical nutrition


Bachelor of Nursing / Public Health

Masters in Diabetes Nursing 


Bachelor of Nursing / Public Health

Masters in Health Education


Bachelor of Nursing / Public Health

Masters of sterilization


Bachelor of Medical Science / speech and hearing therapy

Doctorate in clinical audiology


Scholarship Conditions:

1 - The Applicant must be a Saudi.

2 - The age of the applicant must not be more than 35 years.

3 - The applicant must not be in governmental job.

4 - The study to undergo must be on full time basis, and should include residency in the country of the study. The qualification (certificate) of the applicant should be recognized by the Minister of Higher Education.

5 - The applicant must have a GPA of at least good - (C).

6 - The applicant must be of good conduct and behavior, and must not have been fired from any other entity.

7 - The applicant cannot change his / her scholarship discipline.

8 - A female applicant must be accompanied by a guardian who will stay with her until the end of the scholarship period.

9 -T he applicant must pass any interview.

10 - The applicant must bring all the required documents.

The Required Documents are :

1 - Original Copies of the scientific and professional qualifications.

2 - Curriculum Vitae.

3 - Original copy from the academic record.

4 - A copy of the National Identity /  Family Identity Card.

The applicant should send these documents to the E-mail of the University Hospital :

The deadline for applying is on Tuesday 18/4/1435 AH.