Internal Scholarship Applications for Non-Saudi Students Begins

Internal Scholarship Applications for Non-Saudi Students Begins


The General Administration for Scholarship Students at King Khalid University announces the start of scholarship requests for international applicants through the electronic portal for the academic year 1440/41 AH. It will begin on Wednesday 20/12/1440 AH and end on Wednesday 05/01/1441 AH


Internal Scholarship Admission Conditions:


  • The applicant must not exceed five years after graduating high school;
  • General Aptitude Test (GAT) and Educational Achievement Test (EAT) scores must be satisfactory;
  • Conferral of internal scholarships will depend on the availability of spaces in the colleges;
  • The applicant must not have received a scholarship from other educational institutions in the Kingdom;
  • The age of the applicants should not exceed 25;
  • Applicants are not able to change specializations after admission;
  • Admission includes only a study seat.


Admissions Process Considerations:


Applicant must make an e-request in which they upload a copy of the high school certificate and a copy of residence permit (Iqama). Then, they are to save the request number.


Applicants can review both the request number and admission through the e-portal of the deanship.


Please note that the admission process is 100% electronic.


To apply for an internal scholarship, please click here.


For any inquiries or questions regarding internal scholarships, please contact us as follows:


Tel: 017-241-8095/017-241-4789

WhatsApp: 055-564-1192