University to organize the International Conference of Media and Rumor

King Khalid University, Media Center

200 participations, mostly from outside the Kingdom

King Khalid University to organize the International Conference of  Media and Rumor in Dhu Al-Qedah

King Khalid University organizes the International Conference on Media and Rumor: societal risks and ways of confrontation, from 19 to 21 Duh Al-Qedah 1435 corresponding to 14-16 September 2014 in Abha City.

The President of the University, the General Supervisor of the conference, Prof. Abdul Rahman Bin Hamad Al-Dawood confirms that the conference comes to prove the belief of the university role in serving the nation and the society. He said, " Due to suffering from community members and institutions of the spread of rumors that may affect particularly the and performance of the executive institutions in community, and even on personal level.

He added," The University believes that it is its duty to examine this phenomenon scientifically and practically, especially with the widespread use of means and social networks that have contributed a lot in spreading rumors in the communities in general and our society, in particular."

Al-Dawood explained that the university has harnessed all its potentials to support and organize this international conference. The university hosted the best researchers and experts from all over the world, in addition to showing the efforts of active Saudi institutions in dealing with the crises of rumors in the community."

He noted that the pillars of the conference reflect the important aspects of the phenomenon of rumor, firstly ways to encounter them through the media and various Internet networks, as well as the role of the ethic institutions in the Saudi society to confront this phenomenon.

In this regard, the Vice-President for Educational and Academic Affairs, the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the conference, Dr. Mohammed Al-Hassoun clarified that the university has paid special attention to the conference when it began early in the formation of specialized committees such as the Organizational Committee, the Scientific, Media and Women Committees and other supportive committees such as the Committee of Public Relations and Registration.

He continued, "These committees operate on a regular basis to complete all the procedures required for the success of the conference, God willing. The Committees will continue working during the summer period to follow all the procedures required to the work of the Conference."

In the same context , the Head of the Department of Information and Communication, the Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Conference, Prof. Ali bin Shuweil Al-Qarni said that the organization of the Department of Information and Communication of this international conference is the real announcement about the position of this new department amon the faculties and departments of media in the Kingdom and the Arab world. He added that the professors and students in the department are working on the success of the conference at the best image.

The Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the conference added that the conference gain widespread reputation locally, regionally and globally, stressing that the Organizing Committee has received, before the end date of delivery of research summaries and scientific papers nearly 200 participations, mostly from outside the KSA, specifically from the United States, Europe, Asia and the Arab world, as well as quantitative participations from inside Kingdom.

It is worth mentioning that the conference devoted a session to the students of Graduate Studies to participate. It reflects the university's keenness to enable Graduate Studies students to get involved in scientific activities. 

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