The Conditions of Using Smart Devices with Cameras Inside the Women's College Campuses and the Penalties for Any Misuse

FIRST: The Conditions and Controls:

1.    The student is allowed to use the mobile phone (and other smart devices with cameras) superficially; which means (not directed towards others), in the case of need for communication or the need to browse an educational system such as Blackboard, academia and other educational systems).

2.    It is strictly prohibited to take out the camera phone (and other smart devices with cameras) from the bag during or inside the following: the classrooms, labs, laboratories, theater, praying, library or any activity of extra-curricular.

3.    It is strictly prohibited to record theoretical and practical lectures, as well as to play music or anything that might violate the academic environment.

4.    It is strictly prohibited to point a camera mobile phone (and other smart devices with cameras) vertically towards other students inside the campus buildings, facilities and corridors especially in outdoor squares, restrooms, buffets, and toilets.

5.    It is strictly prohibited to violate or to try to violate the privacy of the college, its female employees, its students and its visitors by filming them. This includes photographing the student herself or photographing another student even with her permission or not by using any kind of smartphone applications like Snapchat, WhatsApp.


SECOND: The Penalties for any Misuse (Violating the conditions No.2, No3, No.4, and No5)

* The student must hand over the mobile immediately (or the smart device with a camera) to the responsible security employee and then it will be handed over to the dean / vice-dean or chairwomen of the Student Affairs Committee regardless of whether the filming or photographing was done or not. After that, the student will be referred to the disciplinary committee of the College to take formal action, which may include suspension from the college. The smart device with a camera will be handed over to the guardian after the investigation.

* If necessary, the matter will be referred to the competent security and judicial authorities to take the necessary action as the case will be treated as an informational crime.