The Beginning of Admission to Educational Diplomas

The Beginning of Admission in Educational Diplomas for the Academic Year 1438 - 1439 AH

King Khalid University is announcing the start of the admission period in Educational Diploma programs for the academic year 1438 - 1439 AH.

Admission Conditions:

  • The applicant must be a graduate from a Saudi university. 
  • The applicant must be Saudi or from a Saudi mother.
  • The GPA of the applicant must be at least 'Good' in scientific and English specializations and very good in theoretical specializations.
  • The priority of admission is for those who have not exceeded three years since graduation.
  • The applicant must be of good conduct and behavior.
  • The applicant must be able to be involved in full-time study.
  • The applicant must score at least 65 in Post-Graduate General Aptitude Test
  • The applicant must complete the payment of fees and delivery of payment receipt.
  • The registration priority is for King Khalid University graduates. 
  • The applicant must pass the personal interview.

Dates of ِApplying:

Receiving applications will start on 15/11/1438 AH and last up to 22/11/1438 AH

Payment Period:

Payment period will be available for those who get initial approval on 26/11/1438 AH to 23/12/1438 AH.

Admission Notice:

You can print the admission notice after completing all payment procedures through your academic page in the Academia Portal.

The Procedures of Applying: 

  1. Go to the Academia Portal.
  2. Select Educational Diploma. 
  3. Fill the registration application form.
  4. Upload each required documents in PDF format.

Important Note:

  • No application will be considered that don’t fulfill the conditions or after the deadline.
  • The differentiation between the applicants will be according to their GPA (60%) and the Post-Graduate General Aptitude Test (40%)