Internal Change Period for the 1st Academic Year 1438/39

  Internal Change Period for the First Academic Year 1438/39 AH


  1. Changing Specialization

  • It is available once between colleges and twice between departments of the same college.
  • The student can add a maximum of three wishes 
  • All the applications will be treated according to the capacity of the college and students' GPA.
  • The student must have finished more than two semesters and less than four semesters of changing the type of study.

    2. Changing the Type of Study

  • Changing from affiliation to regular: The student must have 3.0 or above out of 5 GPA and must have finished more than two semesters and less than six semesters.
  • Changing from regular to affiliation: There is no requirement.

Dates of applying:

  • The applying period starts on 12/9/1438 AH and lasts up to 16/9/1438 AH.

Application Procedures:

  • The student has to request the change by applying through academia. Then, the student can select the type of process (changing specialization, changing the degree or changing the type of study).

Note that: No requests will be accepted late. In case you have technical problems, you should contact the Deanship of Admissions and Registration immediately!