Names of postgraduate programs candidates to sit for differentiation test

 Names of postgraduate  programs candidates to sit for differentiation and admission test in the academic year 1438/1439 AH

Graduate Studies Deanship of King Khalid University (KKU) is announcing the names of candidates who will sit for admission and differentiation test for Masters (MA) and Doctorate (PhD) postgraduate studies programs in the academic year 1438\1439 AH (2017\2018 AD). Tests for Education College and for Languages and Translation College will be on Tuesday 17/5/1438 AH, tests for Shariah and Fundamentals of Religion College will be on Wednesday 18/5/1438 AH, and tests for Sciences College as well as for College of Human Sciences are on Thursday 19\5\1438 AH. All tests will be taken in the specified places as mentioned in the attached schedule with consideration of the following:

All applicants must bring personal identity card or family identity card for those who don not have personal identity card.

  The names of the candidates to Take differentiation test.

  The schedule of tests' dates and locations.

Note that, MA programs for College of Education do not have differentiation tests except for: the Department of Educational Administration and Supervision, Sciences College; Geography Department, and Administrative and Financial Sciences College; Accounting Department. 

The differentiation in these colleges will be according to Grade Point Average GPA and General Aptitude Test GAT. The names of successful candidates will be announced together with the result announcement.

 Wishing Success for all