The Start of the receiving of applications for graduate programs.

Announcement of the start of receiving applications for the graduate studies program (General Program) in the academic year 1437 / 1438 AH

The Deanship of Graduate Studies at King Khalid University (KKU) is announcing the beginning of receiving applications to join available graduate programs (master and doctorate) for the next academic year 1437 – 1438 AH. This announcement includes both male and female.

Submitting applications will be available through the electronic portal (Click Here) . It will start on Sunday 26 / 5 / 1437 AH, and will continue up to Saturday 10 / 6 / 1437 AH, according to the following conditions:

Admission requirements in doctoral programs.

Admission requirements in Masters programs.

Important information on how to apply through the academic portal.

The available graduate programs.

Admission Guideline.

 For more information you can visit the Deanship's website by (Clicking Here)


We wish success for everyone