The Inseparable Nature of Trust and Quality

King Khalid University - Media Center

The Deanship of Academic Development and Quality organized the 2018 International Quality Day Program. The headline event was 'Quality: A Source of Trust'. A great number of faculty members and employees attended the event.

At the beginning of the program, Vice Dean of the Academic Development and Quality Deanship, Dr. Hessa Al-Melwed, welcomed the attendees. She thanked His Excellency King Khalid University Rector, Prof. Falleh R. M. Al-Solamy, the Vice Rector of Academic Development and Quality, Dr. Merzin Al-Shahrani, and the Academic Development and Quality dean for their continuing support and encouragement. After that, Internal Quality Advisor, Dr. Ameera Abdullah, presented a paper where she discussed the importance of trust and its relationship to total quality management. This is a fundamental aspect of building trust in educational organizations she explained. Next, Dr. Abeer Mahfood, College of Education professor and assistant dean of the Deanship of Community Service and Continuing Education, presented a paper titled 'Leadership Trust in Organizational Commitment'. She explained the importance and impact of trust in professional and educational environments. She also discussed various strategies to motivate employees, enhance their effectiveness, and assure commitment to the organization and its objectives.

Dr. Nada Muqbel Al-Harbi presented a paper titled 'Trust in the Success of Strategic Planning'. She explained that trust among everyone within the organization or institution is a prerequisite to achieving high standards of quality She noted that "total quality management in the planning and execution of goals cannot be done without an environment of trust among the employees and other stakeholders”.

It is worth noting that the International Quality Day will span an entire week and will include seminars, workshops, and the presentation of scientific papers.

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