The second "Marathon" at the universities level.

King Khalid University, Media Center

The Secretary General of the Saudi Universities Sport Federation, Dr. Abdullah Buqami culminated on Wednesday evening, the 26/2/1436 AH, the winners of the Saudi Universities Sport Federation Championship for Cross Country.  The marathon was hosted by Jazan University, and was supervised and arranged by the Saudi Universities Sport Federation.

The results of the competitions (single):  player Abdullah Al-Mahdi from the University of Shakraa won the first place prize, so he clinched the gold medal, another player Moussa Al-Qahtani from King Khalid University came in the second place and got the silver medal, while in the third place was the player Ahmad Rashidi from Al-Magmah University who won the bronze medal.

The tournament witnessed a great rivalry with the participation of 96 players representing 16 universities amid a large audience. King Khalid University coach, Saif Faleh explained that this achievement came - by the grace of God - through the tireless efforts made by the university represented by the Student Affairs Deanship to achieve creditable results that reflect the current distinctive sportive level reached by the university. He further said, "We dedicate this achievement to University President, Prof. Abdulrahman Hamad Aldawood, who has been following our preparations closely."

On this occasion, the player Moussa Al-Qahtani expressed his happiness with this victory confirming that the competition was not easy, especially when many prominent names in the game participated in the competition. He said, "We will redouble our efforts in the days ahead, and we will seek to achieve the ambition and aspirations of those in charge of the university."

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