Brief Introduction

The Administration of General Supervision for Girls’ Colleges was established on 08/06/1428 AH (24/6/2007 AD) after a Royal Decree was issued to affiliate all teachers' colleges and girls' colleges to Saudi universities. During this period, a General Supervisor was entrusted to Girls' Colleges. The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques; the Prime Minister; and the President of the Council of Higher Education -May Allah protect them-then approved establishing a Vice Presidency for Girls' Colleges on 03/07/1429 AH (7/7/2008 AD). The Vice Presidency, thus, was established and a Vice President was entrusted with its administration.



The Vice Presidency of the University seeks, through Girl's Colleges, to achieve a pioneering role in knowledge and research fields and to elevate input and output of such Colleges with regard to quality and competition standards at regional and international levels.



- Creating a quality academic environment

- Performing remarkable scientific research

- Providing high standard society services that contribute to achieving the vision and mission

- Achieving the developmental goals of the University.



- Developing quality academic programs and keeping pace with the labor market's needs

- Rehabilitating female students in specializations provided by the Girls' Colleges at optimum scientific level

- Cooperating with scientific bodies and entities to achieve quality and obtain Academic Accreditation according to local and international standards

- Supporting and promoting Girls' Colleges and their academic departments to create an academic environment conducive to elevating output of the Girls Colleges

- Contributing to providing programs that serve the community and are aimed at women in order to achieve their aspirations and ambitions



Vice President of Females' Colleges ( Designate )

Name                          : Saad bin Muhammad bin Du'ajim

Specialization              : Biology

Specific Specialization : Immunity against parasitic infections

Academic Rank            :  Associate Professor

Current Job                  : Vice President of Females' Colleges 

Work-Tel                     : +966 172 414722

E-mail                         :



Dr. Saad bin Muhammad bin Du'ajim

Vice President of Females' Colleges 

Tel : 2414722

Fax : 2414819

E-mail :

Turky Al Ahmri

Consultant of Vice President

Tel : 2414884

Fax : 2414820


Aissa Mushabab bin Aissa

Office Manager 

Tel : 2414701

Fax : 2414821

E-mail :

Dr. Ali Mahmood Al Aid

Supervisor of Quality and Development

Tel : 2414735

Fax : 

E-mail :

Khalid Abdullah Assiri

Secretary Office 

Tel : 2414723

Fax: 2414818

E-mail :

Adel Ahmad Mushari

Secretary Office

Tel : 2414724

Fax : 2414818

E-mail :

Majid Abdullah Al Hussin

Manager of media and public relations, contracting and lending

Tel : 2414734

Fax : 

E-mail : 


Abduallah Muhammad Abu Hashim


Tel : 2414727

Fax : 

E-mail :


Ibrahim Ahmad Al assiri

Technical support

Tel : 2414889

Fax : 

E-mail :

Abdulziz Salih Al Qadan

Consultant of Vice President for Technical Affairs

Tel : 2414884

Fax : 2414820

E-mail :