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Custodian of Two Holy Mosques and Crown Prince Stress Commitment to Hajj Services
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King Khalid University - Media Center


Every year, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia serves the guests of God from around the world. With great respect and a deep sense of responsibility, the Kingdom has and will continue to dedicate vast manpower and financial resources to servicing the needs of the projected 2.5 million pilgrims to Hajj, the largest annual gathering of people on Earth.


With a special place in the hearts of the faithful, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and his Crown Prince have tirelessly worked to further integrate a host of services into the pilgrims' journey, which has enriched – and will continue to enrich – the religious and cultural experience. It is important to note that both the public and private sectors have worked together to upgrade accommodation, improve hospitality, and launch new services based on strategic partnerships between and among the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, Vision 2030, and National Transformation Program 2020 initiatives.


Within just the last decade, the number of Hajj and Umrah visitors entering the country from abroad has tripled, reaching nearly 8 million people on an annual basis. As such, the responsibility of looking after pilgrims has been met with an open-ended effort. In a noble effort between and among government and local authorities, a number of mega-infrastructure and tech projects were launched to provide ease and convenience to pilgrims in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.


All pilgrims and visitors will be met with the highest levels of operational readiness, hospitality, attention, and care.


At the forefront of the Kingdom's vision for 2030, Hajj and Umrah development projects, which were developed to provide the most modern facilities and efficient services possible, are focused on harnessing the full potential of human capital and resources to serve guests of the Two Holy Mosques. Some of the most important projects include the expansion of the Two Holy Mosques, the Makkah Metro Project, areas dedicated to the accommodation of pilgrims, and the addition and expansion of airports.


Of noteworthy mention, the highly lauded Makkah Route Initiative, which falls under the purview of the National Transformation Program 2020 and Vision 2030, is entering its second year of operation and has expanded its global footprint since initial roll-out in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Pakistan. Focused on easing access to the Kingdom for pilgrims, the initiative allows pilgrims to head directly to their accommodation in Makkah and Madinah.


Also of note, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques personally hosts pilgrims in the Guests of Custodian of Two Holy Mosques Program for Hajj and Umrah. The program, implemented and supervised by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance, has hosted 52,747 pilgrims from around the world since its inception in 1417 AH.


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, under the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, spares no effort for guests of the Two Holy Mosques as part of the country's historic role in serving Muslims and Islam. With improvements each year, the noble mission to develop the sector and allow the largest number of Muslims possible to perform Hajj and Umrah will reach even greater heights in the near future.