University Consultant Recommends Caution

10 Guidelines for Fasting When You Have Diabetes
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King Khalid University faculty member, Chronic Disease Consultant, and a member of the American Diabetes Committee, Dr. Hassan Al-Mousa, recommended ten health guidelines for diabetic patients to mitigate the risk of lowering their blood sugar too much, which can severely affect their health.

Dr. Al-Mousa explained that those with diabetes should plan with their health care team before fasting. He also explained that they should follow any insulin or medication regimen their doctor recommended for fasting. Dr. Al-Mousa then advised that a patient should consume small, healthy meals and snacks during the period of Iftar while avoiding sugary and fatty foods. Also, a patient should drink a fair amount of fluids and exercise preferably at night only. In the case of a patient’s treatment requiring a calorie count meal diet, one must commit to the quantities required and stick to healthy foods. For oral tablets, one should keep the same dosage they took before Ramadan but reduce the dose at school or not take it. As for patients that use insulin injections, injections must be taken twice a day in the morning/evening and at the same dosage level previously used. In the case of long-acting insulin treatment, the dose should be reduced by 30%. For rapid insulin doses, it is advised that doses be taken before breakfast while lowering the dose in school and dropping the usual third dose.