The University Spokesman Issues Multiple Statments

On January Awards and the Absence with Excuse Ratio
Source : 
King Khalid University, Media Center

King Khalid University Spokesman, Dr. Abdullah Hamed, confirmed that the monetary awards for students who have been nominated in the month of January were transferred from the university bank account and are expected to be deposited in student bank accounts within the next few hours. The delay occurred as a result of the approval process in accordance with the Gregorian calendar salary disbursements under the aegis of Royal Directives. Furthermore, all student awards are in accordance with the guidance to be received from the Ministry of Finance in this regard.

As for “Absence with Excuse Ratio,” Dr. Hamed confirmed that although the university is restricted to the established guidelines, there is room for exceptional cases. Specifically, all College Councils have the authority to remove all cases of deprivation and allow the student to enter exams provided that the student presents an acceptable excuse. The University Council reiterates that the attendance rate is not to be more than 50% -- of acceptable excuses -- specific to any course. Dr. Hamed noted that the university takes into account fundamental student needs and actively seeks to meet them in accordance with all applicable regulations.