Academic Programs Platform “myApps”

Offered to University Students and Staff
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The General Directorate of Information Technology (IT) of King Khalid University has recently provided, in partnership with the International Company “On the Hub,” a new service called myApps. It is a platform which provides specialized academic software. The new service is available for the employees of the University and can be accessed from the following link:

In details, the “myApps” platform offers free academic office programs for students in order to facilitate the learning process, to reduce educational program costs, to improve learning outcomes, and to eliminate the use of hacking software.

The platform addresses a wide variety of student needs such as operating systems, office programs, analysis, programming and design programs, including the essential office and academic programs such as SPSS, MATLAB, AutoCAD, Microsoft Office, WinRAR, and the Windows 10 operating systems.

The platform is free and available for students, faculty members, and researchers. It provides both general and specialized programs.

The platform also provides general programs such as operating systems and office programs at a nominal price for staff and faculty members. This would contribute to creating a productive work environment and reducing the costs of programs and tools while raising quality.

The myApps platform opens its doors to those researchers and academicians who are interested in scientific research fields by providing them free with statistical programs such as SPSS to facilitate accurate statistical analysis and results that contribute to enriching scientific fields in various aspects.

The platform varies based on the academic group and the necessary programs. The platform includes general programs such as operating systems, Microsoft Office, and specialized applications for academic purposes such as design, programming, and analysis. It also provides access to the programs according to the student's curriculum plan, which is integrated with other academic systems in the university. In brief, the myApps platform is a distinguished service that provides a unique experience for students in obtaining the needs of their academic program with ease.

It is expected, God willing, to add more academic programs to the platform that will include all of the specialized academic programs needed by students over the course of their study.