College of Education Holds Practicum in Teaching Seminar

King Khalid University - Media Center


The College of Education recently conducted a practical training seminar for students training to be teachers. The program, run by College of Education Dean, Dr. Thabet bin Saeed Al-Kahlan, was developed to help prepare new teachers for different working environments.


Dean Al-Kahlan stressed the importance of practical training for education students. He noted that while educational theory is a necessary element of teacher training, it is also important that high-level education students prepare for the realities of teaching out in the field. He noted that supervised teaching practicums are an excellent means of transitioning from education student to teacher.


Training Program Supervisor, Dr. Mufreh Al-Bassami, said that building strong relationships among school principal, teachers, students and parents is vital. The training program helps the education students develop strategies for making those relationships work. The Asir General Administration of Education co-sponsored the training program and used its resources to encourage public and private schools in the region to participate.