Scholarship Student Discovers New Stroke Prevention Strategy

King Khalid University - Media Center


College of Applied Science scholarship student, Dr. Mohammed Suhaim Abu Hassan, was able to test a new component used to decrease the adherence of blood platelets and limit blood clotting. The University of Reading granted Dr. Abu Hassan a doctorate in the field of blood diseases with the registration of a new medical achievement, which will add to the Kingdom's achievements in the field of blood disease research. Of noteworthy mention, Dr. Abu Hassan held several research studies on human anatomy, which sparked his discovery of a component that can be used to reduce the occurrence of strokes by 80%.


Dr. Abu Hassan explained that the component is called Cpd-22 and aims to inhibit the binding of ILK proteins to proteins within the platelets, which affects the process of clotting. He noted that it also plays a vital role in reducing the binding of fibrinogen to glycoprotein receptors (2b/3a). Dr. Abu Hassan concluded that it prevents platelets from sticking together and forming coagulation.


Dr. Abu Hassan thanked King Khalid University Rector, His Excellency Prof. Falleh Al-Solamy, stressing that this success would not have been achieved without his guidance and support alongside the sponsorship and support of the University Agency for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, and the Department of Medical Laboratories. Dr. Abu Hassan added that he hopes to be able to conduct more groundbreaking research in the field, which will enhance the reputation of King Khalid University and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.